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Life is our opportunity to recognize that, at a fundamental and essential level, we are inseparable from the Reality we seek.
Metta Zetty is an ordinary woman whose understanding of
the nature of Reality has been profoundly transformed by
an extraordinary experience of spontaneous awakening.  

In this timeless moment of intuitive recognition, Metta
experienced a sudden, stunning insight into the nondual
nature of Reality -- a realization which has traditionally
been described as:
  • Advaita, "Not-Two" (Vedanta)
  • Dzogchen, "Natural Great Perfection" (Tibetan Buddhism)
  • Kensho, "The Essence of One's Being" (Zen Buddhism).
  • As a result of this awakening into the vast and spacious background of our own innate Awareness, Metta is now dedicated to sharing the mirror of her experience with others through the process of Insight Mentoring.

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    About Metta's Name
    At the time of her birth, Metta was named after her maternal grandmother. Years later she discovered that, in the Southeast Asian language of Pali, "metta" means loving kindness and is one of the primary 12 Buddhist virtues.

    About Metta's Service
    Metta is dedicated to providing her mentoring services and web-based resources without charge. These free services are supported by public donations and by her work as a professional business consultant.

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