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Awakening into Awareness
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"I'm half-way through ... and I love your clarity and grounded manner. I look forward to finishing the rest of the recording and exploring/ experiencing your web site." -- D.K. "Thank you so much for sharing your CD....I thought it was a beautiful presentation -- so clear, articulate and honoring. I was quite moved as your beautiful spirit came through in such a powerful, heartfelt way. I'm so sorry to have missed the presentation, but this definitely was the the next best thing to being there!" -- J. H.
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Gold Bullet Whole Life Expo Tiny Star Austin, TX Tiny Star 1999 Audio Link: Awakening into Awareness * 45 minutes Gold Bullet Inner Directions Foundation Gathering Tiny Star La Jolla, CA Tiny Star 2002 Audio Link: Living in Freedom * 1 hour, 25 minutes Instructions:
  • To listen, left click audio link. (Please Note: These audio files are large, and may take a little time to load in your browser.)
  • To download, right click audio link and select "Save Target As".
  • Initially, turn your volume settings down, and adjust up as needed.
    Audio from other previous special events will be available in the months to come. You will automatically be notified through AIA's Updates mailing list when new audio recordings are released.

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