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Finding Out-of-Print Books

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Dear friends,

Here is a prompt and helpful reply from one of our librarians
regarding options for locating The Reality Illusion and other
out-of-print books. 

Thanks so much, WP, for your responsiveness!

The book The Reality Illusion: How You Make the World You Experience by Ralph Stauch is, indeed, out-of-print. There are two approaches that I would take toward getting a copy to read:

Most public libraries around the U.S. will have some sort of Inter-Library Loan mechanism so that if the local library doesn't own a copy, it can borrow the book for you from a member of the I.L.L. network to which they belong. The disadvantage to this approach is that the process can take a long time, sometimes months.

The alternate approach is to try to get the book through "Out-of-Print Books From" They offer the following: "We'll search for a used copy and send an order update within one to two weeks. When we locate a copy of your book, we'll send a price quote. We'll attempt to acquire the book only after you confirm your wish to purchase."

Please pass this advice along to our AIA participant looking for the book. Hope this helps.

[Postscript from Metta: Some smaller, locally owned bookstores also provide out-of-print book search services, so do not hesitate to consider this option, as well.]

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