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Insight Mentoring
Chat Sessions

Individual Chat Sessions
If you are interested in engaging in an individual, real time mentoring session, please review AIA's calendar, and then recommend at least 2 or 3 different times when you're available so we can find a mutually convenient time to connect online. Each mentoring session will be conducted, as my current schedule permits, either:

  • on a one-time, donation basis, or
  • in conjunction with AIA's Insight Mentoring Dialogues, which include subscriptions to all of AIA's mailing lists.

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    and the Insight Mentoring process.

    Preparing for Your Online Mentoring Session
    In advance of your mentoring chat session, I recommend:

  • reviewing AIA's information about the Insight Mentoring process,
  • reviewing AIA's chat tips, hints and guidelines, and
  • becoming familiar with the features of the chat software you prefer.

    Small Group Chat Sessions and Online Mentoring Intensives
    Small group mentoring chat sessions are scheduled only on a limited and occasional basis, based on my availability. If you are interested in receiving notification when the next round of small group sessions is to be scheduled, please join AIA's Updates mailing list.

    All small group mentoring chat sessions are conducted using a format in which the majority of the time in each session is dedicated to a one-on-one mentoring dialogue with one individual, while other participants quietly listen in and then share their questions, reflections and insights at the end of the session. For more details about how this small group mentoring process works, see the overview of our Chat Mentoring Protocol.

    Opportunities for more extended, in-depth mentoring are occasionally available through AIA's weekend gatherings and special events. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about these mentoring options, or if you would like to host a mentoring gathering in your local community.

    Chat Transcripts
    Select transcripts from previous online mentoring sessions are available in AIA's Insight Mentoring Archives.

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