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Chat #1: No Method, No Rejection, No Edges      
	The arising of dissatisfaction and desire
	Witnessing and Contentment
	Reminders and methods
	Effortless Awareness
	The sufficiency of Reality
	Seeking demands a path
	"The Four Faults"  (Kalu Rinpoche)
	Evoking Recognition
	The Openness of Recognition
	"Lovers of Reality"  (Byron Katie)
	"The Clear Bead...."  (Rumi)

Metta: If you have something specific you would like to share or ask, Nil, we can begin there. Otherwise, I can start with a question, myself. Which would you prefer? Nil: I would prefer you to lead.... Metta: Fine. I usually start by simply asking: what is it that you are seeking or looking for?....What is it that you feel may be missing from your life? Nil: There isn't any ongoing quest now. There are momentary dissatisfactions, but they, too, pass. Metta: Good...Then, the question simply is: why are you here, in this chat space, with me now? Nil: I wanted to interact with you. I didn't really have an agenda. I apologize if I didn't make that clear in my request. Metta: No, that's fine, Nil! You did make it clear. I'm just following through to confirm. A lot can happen between the initial request for a chat session, and the time that we actually meet online. Is there any particular point of focus or attention that is of special interest to you, or that you'd care to explore? I'm very willing to "interact" and explore with you....Perhaps it would be good for you to set a course for us, since I do not have a specific agenda, either?! Nil: You just clarified something for me: it should be obvious that "something," a question or want [desire] could come up during any moment. Metta: Yes, it could. Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't....And, in those moments when it seems that "nothing" is coming up, there is just Witnessing....Witnessing and contentment -- a larger sense of Satisfaction.... Nil: I did want to mention that the AIA Ezine has served as a "reminder" (as many things can be) of the present.... Metta: I'm glad if it has served that function for you. That's my goal and intention....It seems to me that the most we can ever really do is provide these reminders for one another, from time to time.... Nil: My most recent "quest" involved seeking such though they could not exist in my ordinary experience. Metta (smiling): Yes, as though your ordinary experience was not the most significant reminder of all! Nil: I can see that now, sometimes....Your work has helped me. Metta: "Helped" you in what way? Nil: "Reminded" me; not "helped" in the sense of adding new knowledge. Metta: Good! As I see it, this reminding is the most valuable and satisfying thing we could ever do. Nothing else seems to me to be as important. (And, I might add, you are quite right: this certainly is not about the acquisition of "new" knowledge.) Nil: In my experience, if a teacher consents to "publish" a general method for everyone's use, it only serves to provide an excuse for me to keep channeling my energy into becoming something else.... Metta: Yes, exactly! In this context, how do you see and experience this work? Is it any different? Nil: You seem to refuse to provide a general method... Metta: Yes, indeed! You got it! Nil: (You are...)...always/only pointing to the here and now. Metta: Yes. I'm so pleased you See this! Our immediate experience of Reality really is sufficient. THIS, exactly as it is showing up within this moment, is all the "teaching" we could ever want or need. Nil: One thing that has changed for me after encountering your work: there are more times when I experience the effortlessness of awareness. Metta: I am so glad. Thank you for sharing this gift. It is precious, indeed, and I want to acknowledge this shared Recognition.... Nil: I don't blame other teachers for encouraging effort indirectly... Metta: Neither do I.... Nil: It was always my own seeking that demanded some path. Metta: Fascinating insight, Nil! You see how accommodating the world can be? It often gives us exactly what we want and are looking for. Not always, but often... Nil: It's so much easier than I ever believed. Metta: Yes! The delightful simplicity of This is far more amazing and marvelous than I had ever imagined....One of my favorite reminders is from a Tibetan Buddhist teacher who points out that there are 4 reasons we do not Recognize and directly experience this "One Taste" as it is showing up in the present moment: The first is that it is so close, so immediate. The second, that it is so profound. The third, that it is so (delightfully) simple. Fourth, that it is so excellent.... [See "The Four Faults," pp. 117-118 The Dharma, by Kalu Rinpoche, The State University of New York Press, 1986.] Nil: Yes. Thank you for passing along this reminder. Metta: I am curious now: can you point to any events and/or experiences in your life that have helped to stimulate and deepen your own Recognition? Nil: I can recall moments of a feeling of union...and deep reverence for beauty....Reading the poetry of Persian mystic, Rumi, has often been an occasion for That. [See links to Rumi sites on AIA's Links page.] Metta: Yes, his work is also a gift. In some of my earliest recollections, as a child, I (like you) associated This with experiences of beauty...and with hearing music.... Nil: Yes. Music, beautiful friends and places. Metta: Yes....and, then there eventually comes a place and time in our lives when there is nothing that is not a reminder of This.... Nil: Thank you. Metta: Thank you, Nil. I feel honored to have shared this time with you, and I have enjoyed the gentle spaciousness of your presence. (We do not need to close yet; please feel free to remain here a while longer....) Nil: That is one thing that attracted me to an interaction with you...the openness. Metta (smiling): Didn't you mention this in your initial correspondence with me? Nil: Yes. It was the strongest impression, more so even than clarity...(not to say that clarity was absent, or that the two aren't intertwined.) Metta (smiling): Yes....I am so intrigued that you've felt and sensed this openness because it is, for me, one of the hallmarks of this Recognition. How does this "openness" show up for you in and through what you have "seen" of me so far? Nil: I'm not sure. It's an intuitive thing, drawn overall from all the personal writings, and your selection of wisdom sayings -- from the whole picture of what I'm able to know from a website and zine. I get a feeling that nothing is rejected from your experience.... Metta: Absolutely. In the end, how can anything be rejected? Whatever is here and now must be part of, and included within, whatever is ultimately Real -- no matter how much the personality may rail against and reject it. In the end, Reality, God or Truth, whatever you call it, must be large enough to include All That Is.... In this, I love the words of Byron Katie. She says she is simply a "lover of Reality,...a lover of what is." Nil: Beautiful....2 lines from Rumi: "The clear bead at the center changes everything. There are no edges to my loving now." Metta (smiling, again): Ah, yes. The edges are all gone! Thank you, Nil, for sharing this exquisite expression of Insight....

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