Essence as Light

Insight Mentoring Dialogues

Metta's online mentoring has been
described as "electronic satsang" and
"void therapy beyond the contracted self."

Join AIA's Mentoring Dialogues

Thank you for your interest in AIA's Insight Mentoring Dialogues.
If you would like to experience the Insight Mentoring process,
our online dialogues will be one of the best ways for us to connect
and share. I look forward to working with you, and I appreciate
your dedication to exploring the nature of Reality and the
experience of Realization.

As a dialogue participant, you will receive:
  • one free chat mentoring session or one email mentoring exchange (1-3 letters) every 4 months,
  • copies of my ongoing Insight Mentoring dialogue letters and chat transcripts, and
  • subscriptions to all 4 of AIA's free electronic mailing lists. For more information, see the additional details posted below.
    Join AIA's Insight Mentoring Dialogues You may join our mentoring dialogues one of two ways:
  • Use this secure online subscription link to pay $10/month, payable in four month increments:
  • Become an active member in AIA's earth care affiliate program ($10/month with affiliate income). Simply join Permaworld and activate your new membership. Then, send me your Permaworld username, and I'll add your address to our dialogue mailing list. You may also receive copies of my mentoring dialogues on an ongoing basis -- without the free email or chat mentoring session -- by becoming a Mentoring Friend of AIA.
    Email or Chat Mentoring If you have never engaged in this kind of mentoring process before, or if you have not shared in this kind of online inquiry, it may be helpful to review what others have said about their experience of the process. Our work together in the chat session, or in our email exchange, will be gentle and focused, and will be entirely self-paced. As you will eventually find, email and online chat are surprisingly effective mediums for this form of reflective inquiry, and you may choose whichever approach you prefer. Please note:
  • Your registration will include one free chat mentoring session or one email mentoring exchange (1-3 consecutive letters) with each 4-month registration period.
  • Details for scheduling our chat session or email exchange can be arranged after your dialogue registration has been received and confirmed.
  • Additional email or chat mentoring sessions may be arranged on a donation basis.
    Mentoring Letters and Chat Transcripts Each month you will also receive copies of the letters and chat transcipts shared with other dialogue participants as a way of deepening your own reflections and insight. For your convenience, samples of my previous mentoring letters and chat transcripts are available in AIA's online archives. Please note:
  • All mentoring letters and chat transcripts are posted anonymously in order to respect your privacy and the privacy of others (unless you indicate, in advance, that your first name or initials may be included).
  • The dialogue mailing list is not an group listserv, and you will not be exchanging email or addresses with others.
    Free Mailing List Subscriptions When you join AIA's dialogue mailing list, your email address will automatically be added to all four of AIA's free electronic mailing lists. You will automatically receive the daily version of AIA's In This Moment mailing list unless you notify me that you would prefer to receive these reflections on a weekly basis.
    Join AIA's Mentoring Dialogues Your participation will be genuinely appreciated and will provide invaluable support for continuing to share this work and service with others.

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