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West Coast (US)
Mentoring Tour

Cities and Dates
To Be Announced

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Weekend Mentoring Intensive
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Schedule Pending

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If you would like to host an evening
gathering or a weekend mentoring
intensive in your community in
conjunction with this tour,
please contact Metta.

Previous Events / Invitations * Audio Tapes Available (now or soon) Inner Directions Foundation Gathering * February 15-17, 2002 | La Jolla, California USA Weekend Mentoring Intensive * October 11-14, 2001 | Calgary, Alberta CANADA 1st International Conference on Altered States of Consciousness November 2-7, 2001 | Albuquerque, New Mexico USA Whole Life Expo * October, 1999 | Austin, Texas USA

For more information, subscribe to AIA's Updates mailing list.

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