Essence as Light
Experiments with Reality

"Be it life or death, we seek only reality."
Henry David Thoreau
The following experiments are designed to provide an
opportunity for you to reflect, in a variety of nonordinary
ways, upon your understanding of:
  • the fundamental and essential nature of Reality and
  • our identity and experience as human beings. They are predicated on setting aside our "normal" consensus- based assumptions about the apparent "objectivity" of "external" reality and the "subjectivity" of the "internal" self.

    Experiment #1: Reality and Enlightenment 1. To the best of your ability, describe, in writing, the nature of Reality. 2. To the best of your ability, describe, in writing, the nature of Enlightenment.
    ====================================== Please do not read below these lines until you have written your two descriptions. ======================================
    3. Now, review what you have written with a recognition that these words are only descriptions of Reality and Enlightenment. Look at your descriptions with an eye to discovering what beliefs you are now holding that limit (within your own mind) the possibility of what Reality and Enlightenment might actually be. 4. Next, consider the possibility that Enlightenment is nothing more, or other than, an insight into or understanding of the nature of Reality, and review what you have written. How would you modify your descriptions of Reality and Enlightenment, based upon this assumption?

    Experiment #2: Awareness 1. Imagine that your awareness within the present moment is the background for everything that exists within the manifest universe. 2. Can you prove to yourself that this is not true?

    Experiment #3: Infinity and the Present Moment 1. Imagine that the present moment is Infinite. 2. Can you prove to yourself that this is not true?

    Experiment #4: Limitless Essence 1. Imagine that anything you can experience, through your mind and senses, is only a limited part of who you are. 2. Now imagine that the larger part of who you are is not limited. 3. Consider: how does your sense of identity, or self, shift during this process of imagination?

    Experiment #5: All That Is 1. Imagine that Reality is one unbroken, continuous Whole. 2. Consider: how would this understanding of Reality affect: - your sense of identity? - your relationships to other apparent parts of Reality? - your understanding of your ability to choose? - the way you live your life on a day-to-day basis?

    Experiment #6: Time 1. Imagine that the past and the future are contained within the present moment. 2. Consider: how would this understanding affect your: -- your regrets about the past? -- your concerns about the future? -- your choices within the present moment?

    Experiment #7: Life and Death 1. Imagine that you will never die. 2. Consider: how would this affect the choices you make within the present moment?

    Experiment #8: Identity and Clear Seeing 1. Imagine that when you are completely at peace and "at home," you are completely free from any particular identifying characteristics. 2. Consider: how does this feel? 3. Next, look at your life and your world through this "clear" lens. What do you see?

    Experiment #9: Seeking Consider your responses to the following 3 questions: (1) What are you seeking? (2) Do you really want to find it? (3) Are you ready -- now -- to accept it, fully? 1998-2001, Metta Zetty All Rights Reserved.
    You may continue exploring the nature of Reality by engaging with Metta in the Insight Mentoring process.

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