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  "There are three main publications in the English language
   dedicated to nonduality: Inner Directions, Noumenon, and
   the Awakening Into Awareness ezine.  I like AIA's Ezine 
   because it acknowledges our existence here, it is
   all-embracing and it is distributed freely."
				Jerry Katz
	 			Nonduality Salon

About the AIA Ezine... The Awakening into Awareness (AIA) ezine is an electronic newsletter dedicated to exploring the nature of Reality and the experience of Realization. All AIA ezine issues are distributed free of charge, on an occasional basis (every 8-12 weeks), and include:
  • Reflections on Reality and the experience of Realization,
  • Wisdom and insight from Awakening-related texts, and
  • Q&A exchanges about the experience of Awakening. In addition, each ezine subscription will include a free subscription to AIA's Updates mailing list. Subscription Options Star  See AIA's mailing list update Back Issues: Online #1 -- Oct 1998 #2 -- Dec 1998 #3 -- Mar 1999 #4 -- May 1999 #5 -- Aug 1999 #6 -- Oct 1999 #7 -- Aug 2000 #8 -- Dec 2000 #9 -- Jun 2002 (Not available online - See email version, below) Request Back Issues: By Email #1 -- Oct 1998: Send_AIA_*_Oct_98 #2 -- Dec 1998: Send_AIA2_*_Dec_98 #3 -- Mar 1999: Send_AIA3_*_Mar_99 #4 -- May 1999: Send_AIA4_*_May_99 #5 -- Aug 1999: Send_AIA5_*_Aug_99 #6 -- Oct 1999: Send_AIA6.1_*_Oct_99 (Part 1) #6 -- Oct 1999: Send_AIA6.2_*_Oct_99 (Part 2) #7 -- Aug 2000: Send_AIA7_Aug_*_00 #8 -- Dec 2000: Send_AIA8.1_*_Dec_00 (Part 1) #8 -- Dec 2000: Send_AIA8.2_*_Dec_00 (Part 2) #9 -- Jun 2002: Send_AIA9_*_Jun_02 Copies and Reprints Please feel free to share copies of the AIA ezine with others who may be interested in exploring the experience of Awakening. Readers and subscribers are welcome to reprint or recirculate any issues of the AIA ezine for nonprofit or personal use, as long as all reprints are copied and distributed in their entirety, retaining all the source, contact and copyright information included within and at the end of each issue. All articles, text excerpts and quotations are copyrighted by the respective authors.

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