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AIA Ezine #7 -- August, 2000

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  Issue #7  -     Awakening into Awareness     -  August, 2000
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_Kiss of God_             
By Marshall Stewart Ball 
Marshall Stewart Ball is a brilliant child who touches people's
hearts through a veil of silence.  Although he can neither
speak nor walk and depends on others for physical help, he is
a constant source of inspiration and guidance for people in
matters of the mind and of the heart.  Having been evaluated
in public school at a twelfth-grade reading comprehension level
at age nine, his capacity to think and feel constantly amazes
his teachers, friends and family.  Marshall knows the meaning
and spelling of words with which even his family and teachers
are not familiar.  Even more amazing is the powerful impact
he has on everyone he meets.

Marshall's parents realized early on that he did not think
like an average child.  He constantly wrote of love, knowledge,
freedom and God on his alphabet board.  Since 1992 (when
Marshall was 6 years old), he has completed hundreds of
pages of writings. _Kiss of God_ is a collection of selected
works, including letters written to friends and family,
answers to questions people have asked him, and several
writings he composed for the sole purpose of teaching.

Marshall often writes about love and listening.  His writing
style is unique and at times quite unpredictable, but it
will touch you deeply and open your eyes to the simple
truths of life.  He refers to himself as a teacher, and
     "Questions want good answers. With the help of my
      family and dear friends, I have been able to answer
      thoughts concerning old beliefs about questions
      regarding why people are not happy. Answers come
      when we are listening to beautiful poetry. When
      good thoughts patiently come, questions are answered."

When I wrote to Marshall to request permission to quote
from his new book, he graciously replied:
     "Good Marshall thanks you for giving that
      Marshall Love to all.  
      That Marshall is caring grandly about you.
      Marshall gives that sweet good love to you."

     "That Marshall is giving you the good Kiss.
      Would you give the teaching Kiss to others?
      That Marshall thinks love will take us to God.
      Would you go?"

Marshall's book, _Kiss of God_ may be ordered online
through his website, and he may be contacted at:
     Marshall Stewart Ball
     P.O. Box 340045
     Austin TX 78734


"Remember Rooms Rest"
Inspired by the music of Bach; written at the age of 6.
"The wind changes direction.
 There is lovely music that feels soft.
 Marshall is there thinking
 lornfully gorgeous thoughts.
 I, listening marvelously
 juxtaposed in wonderment
 finding solitude near!
 Sweeter moments are surrendered to their just rooms,
 like some sweet lornful friends.
 My pleasure is finding, beauty will have swoonfully
 cear sovereignty.
 Soul might rest listening nicely!"

My Harmony Prevails to Free
"Even though my individuality finds sweet knowing perfection,
 I listen for the answers to wishes from above.  I listen to
 good thoughts like something cloudy over mountain tops.
 Fine messages clearly govern my thinking.  Feelings grow
 harmoniously making Love possible.  Harmony might justify
 every marvelous idea given to Love.  The seeing Marshall
 hopes to free the hopeless.  Dear harmony needs progress
 governing fine thinking that I feel.  I see harmony as
 the final known answer."

Righteous Thoughts
"Real thoughts are good to share.  I write words to you
 because pleasant feelings can change the righteous
 person's thoughts.  Listening, sometimes there is progress
 made when thoughts find their home.  Fine thinking reveals
 marvelous freedom from the righteous person's sorrow."

Choices Are Yours
"The now I give to a good thinker.
 Go to feelings that give good to others.
 You make the choice to think good or bad.
 Real true thoughts go to happy givers.
 Begin now to make good choices."

Teaching Clouds
"Inside some clear, swift, gorgeous,
 gentle, giving clouds
 is some incredible true love.
 Lovely, dear, golden,
 good fine clouds emerge
 from God's excellent teaching thought.
 That gentle Love finds
 there is true freedom in free clouds."


"I see myself as a teacher that knows about God.
 Good thoughts come to me and they teach."

"Marshall has been here for millions of lifetimes."

"You are the thoughts of God. 
 Go to a good thought and you will know God."

"The growing thought learns to listen to God."

"Answers come when we are in our right place."

"Real comes when we love."

"That good thoughtful lovely person
 grows love to make freedom reign."

"To judge another is to judge God."

"Destruction is the need to find being in matter."

"Poetry is the magnificent kindness of the heart."

"Understanding takes a dear good listening thinker."

"Kindness generates happiness."

"The hour needs your love.
 Time takes us to a good thought.
 Make time now to help others.
 Giving good will make you happy.
 Make a time to love all things.
 The hour needs your love."

"Love pours, freeing me."


The Way to The True Happiness      
By Durius Nguyen
Recently, I had the good fortune of being introduced to
the extraordinary wisdom of Durius Nguyen.  The account
of his awakening, and his subsequent writings are clear
and disarmingly fresh, revealing a profound level of
Natural Insight.  His gifts are a blessing, and it is a
privilege to be able to share his gifts with you all.

                         * * * * *

The Morning Breeze
Before walking for a while in my sitting room every morning,
I always open the door, slowly take several deep breaths and
smell the beginning of the day.

When I opened the door one early morning in the Autumn last
year, suddenly I felt the morning breeze. It touched my face,
it was slowly coming into every cell of my body. It passed my
surroundings and into the sitting room.

Listening to the leaves from a tree nearby and the warm sound
of autos from the highway at some distances, I said to myself:
It is Autumn now!

Suddenly I understood the powerful mechanism of the universe,
the impermanence, the progression of life. Spring. Summer.
Autumn. Winter. Young. Old....


Many years I was a stranger in my surroundings.  So many years
I did not recognize the morning breeze. At age of nine, before
setting to school I always stood for a while at the garden gate
listening to the morning breeze from the rice field nearby.

And then the war, the military life, the concentration camp,
the life in another country. Years went by I never had time
for a morning breeze!

Suddenly I understood: before I could be truly happy, I have
to find myself in my surroundings, in Time and Space, in the
Present Moment....Before I could be truly happy, I have to
listen to the morning breeze....

24 Hours
When we get used to Walking in Full Awareness, the way of
body-and-mind in harmonious motion becomes integrated in
our daily life. The way we are sitting. The way we are
lying down. The way we are working. The way we are
looking...And even the way we are thinking...We are more
and more in Awareness of what we are doing...

At the first glance, it looks as if we use so much energy
to be in Full Awareness. But on the contrary, by letting
our mind be in our breath, we do not get entangled into
the busy mind. At the same time, there are less and less
blocking in our body by unnecessary concentration of
energy, caused by the unawareness of motions. As the
result of that, so much energy is used mainly for our
real daily life, and our life will be more and more
Let your mind be in your breath!
When you are angry, you know you are angry.
When you are not angry, you know you are not angry.
When you are afraid of something, you know you are
When you are not afraid of something, you know you
     are not afraid of anything.
When you desire something, you know you are desiring

Every time you discover your mind is busy with something
else, not the same as what you are doing, let thoughts
go by. Be nonthinking.

Walking, sitting, listening, talking, looking, reading,
     eating...always in Full Awareness. You are always
     to be fully aware of what you are doing.
You are always to know exactly what you are doing...
Let thoughts go by...
Let your mind be in whatever you are doing.
Washing. Taking a shower. In the toilet. Cooking. Cleaning.
     Grass cutting in the garden. Changing clothes...
Always in slow motion, in Full Awareness.

Before you are about to do something: reading, cooking,
walking, sitting, eating...just take a few second to
evaluate your body-and-mind, to be in Full Awareness
of whatever you are going to....


Wisdom and Insights  
You are the space where perception happens.
                                 Éric Baret

There is no creation or dissolution.
There is no path or goal.
There is no free will or predestination.
                                 Ramana Maharshi

A lamp am I to those who see me,
A mirror am I to those who know me.
                                 _The Gospel of Thomas_

Recently shared in AIA's Awareness Center:
The opposite of a true statement is a false statement.
But the opposite of a profound truth may be another
profound truth.                  Nils Bohr

It's a puzzling thing.
The truth knocks on the door and you say,
"Go away, I'm looking for the truth,"
and so it goes away."
                                Robert Pirsig
                                _Zen and the Art of
                                Motorcycle Maintenance_, p. 5

Looking for enlightenment is like looking for a flashlight,
when all you need the flashlight for is to find the flashlight.


Awakening: Dark Night and Grace
Could you please answer the following question: I have heard
about two ways that people have described their experiences
of "awakening": in one case, the awakening came out of nowhere;
in the other, it came after a period called (by some people)
"the dark night of the soul" -- a period in life when you're
totally dissatisfied, don't know what to do, and there seems
to be no way out.

The "dark night" is often seen, in classical religious thought,
as a profound transitional stage in spiritual development,
one that presages a shift in energy and experience often
described as an "illumination" or an "awakening."  In this sense,
the "dark night" signals an energetic readiness for opening --
for movement beyond the limitations not only of the "darkness,"
but also the limitations of a polarized perspective in which
we see life and our experience in the universe in terms of a
light/dark duality.

As the energy of awakening moves in and through our experience,
the "dark night" begins to dissipate into receptivity --
into a surrendering and an openness to the larger window
of possibilities available to us. As we begin to see and
understand our experience within these broader terms, we
also begin to recognize that *both* the Dark and the Light
are aspects of a larger Reality which is far more vast,
more whole and more complete than we had ever imagined.

As the experience of awakening continues to deepen and mature
within us, we begin to recognize the play of light and shadow
in our lives are simply facets of the Infinite making itself
manifest in and through finite form.  When the focus of our
attention, energy and understanding shifts to the Background
and Source out of which this movement manifests, then the
"darkness" is replaced with a profound Satisfaction with the
perfection and completeness of Reality, exactly as it is....

For more information about experiences of "awakening" that
come "out of nowhere" by Grace, see the following links:
  Question #2:
  Mentoring Letter #23:


Witnessing This Body-Mind....
Today there was the realization, that everything that is,
is just witnessing this body-mind and nothing else....I 
have to ask because my experience is not "all there is is
consciousness," but just a body-mind sitting here and
writing these lines -- and this is just witnessed....

Somehow this feels enough -- certainly the mind still
wants to know what happens after death and if there still
IS something, but this is also witnessed and goes by....

What a beautiful description!  Yes -- the discovery of
this witnessing and the miraculous sufficiency of it is,
at its essence, I believe, consistent with realizations
and recognitions described by many others.  The language
we choose to use in describing this discovery may vary
tremendously, depending upon our perception and our
experience of it:
     · "Witnessing of the body-mind"
     · "Background of Awareness"
     · "Unitive consciousness"
     · "Clear Seeing"
     · "Headlessness"
     · "No-self"
     · "Emptiness"
     · "Fullness"
     · "Natural Great Perfection"
     · "Ground of Being"

In my own case, the recognition was/is one of experiencing
the absolute completeness, fullness and sufficiency of the
body-mind and the larger (Infinite) universe within which
it appears.

Regardless of how this discovery is described, I suspect
the recognitions are very similar -- in fact, kindred --
reflections of the same Reality. They vary only by virtue
of the fact that the lenses through which this Reality is
seen/experienced (our body-minds) are different.

Years ago my Asian Religions professor provided two brilliant
exercises to illustrate this point.  He asked his students
to define a chair, or to describe an object (a pot) which
he had set in the middle of the group.  As you might well
imagine, each description was very different from the others,
and yet the students were all seeing/experiencing/describing
essentially the same object.

So it is, I believe, with our "experiences" of Reality.
The length of our focal depth, along with our own unique
perception and perspective, will flavor the way we describe
the "witnessing" or "completeness" we discover.  From my
point of view that, too, is part of the miracle: no matter
where we sit, and no matter where we look, the Reality
toward which we point is, essentially, one and the same.

In light of this discovery, the mind will, of course,
continue to inquire about the infinitude of details,
since it is the nature of the mind to inquire, explore
and speculate.  And, yet, there is nothing inherently
"wrong" or inappropriate with the continuation of this
inquiry.  As you so wisely indicated, all the busy-ness
and activity of the thinking process is simply subsumed
within the larger, constant and unbroken witnessing field....


Your Contagious Enthusiasm
I am happy to tell you that your enthusiasm is contagious and 
operates as a teaching vehicle in its own right. It literally 
transmits expansive spiritual energy. I felt it immediately
upon reading your message - and that is not a common
experience for me.

What a gift!  I'm grateful for your kind words about my
"enthusiasm."  You know the root of the word?
	"To be inspired"
...which ultimately is based on the root of "inspire":
	"To infuse with the breath of life."

Needless to say, I take "enthusiasm" as a high compliment,
and gratefully appreciate your generous acknowledgement.

On the Internet it has happened only once before: a couple
of weeks ago when I was browsing the site of a teacher
who mentioned an innate and conscious ability to channel
and focus energy. He apparently focused it into some of
his writings. That ability is a highly useful teaching
and transforming tool that only some teachers seem to
have; I would probably not be aware of it at all except
for the powerful influence of one of my own past teachers.

I'm very interested your reaction. Franklin Merrell-Wolff
described this energetic phenomenon as a "Current of Bliss"
-- which is both powerful and transmittable.  I am keenly
aware of it, especially when I write or reflect on this
Awareness.  I find it to be profoundly nourishing and it
is, I am sure, one of the reasons I have been attracted
to the mentoring process....

(It has also, interestingly enough, significantly reduced
my need for sleep!)


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Metta's Reflections
The Infinite Present
The present moment is infinite and boundaryless.
There is no way to escape it, and
there is no Reality outside of it.

Each of us is always here and now;
it is only the mind that wanders....


Suffering is the ultimate challenge to a narrow and limited
sense of identity. It provides an invaluable opportunity for
each of us to discover that we are more than the body, mind
and emotions with which we tend to identify.

As we begin to recognize our ability to observe our own
suffering, we will also begin to recognize that the Essence
of who/what we are is not bound or limited by suffering as
it arises. We are, instead, the nameless Reality which lies
beyond. We are that vast field of Awareness which contains
our suffering, and all the experiences of our humanness.


I Am
For most human beings, identity is centered in the
experiential awareness, "I am."  When identified with
the finite, "I am" manifests as ego.  When identified
with the Infinite, "I am" is revealed as the Presence
of Awareness -- inseparable from the Essence of Reality.


Reader Reflections
These reflections from AIA readers are shared with gratitude
for the generosity and openness of the authors....

                            * * * * *

Beloved Face, Eternal Mirror                             Ragnar
The springtime inside of me...
The sun on wet, white winter,
The sound of drops of melting snow,
And the ever living brooklets of my Heart....

Beloved face, eternal Mirror,
Shrouded in the frosty mists of time,
How could I forget that you'd return
To tell me who I am, was and ever will be!

That I am you and you are me,
That all creation is together
In the sound and beauty of
The glimmering, sunny water
Of the wintry fields of Spring!


Simple Awareness                                        Michael
Awareness is effortless.
Just be aware that I am aware.
Awareness is freedom from resistance.
Just be aware that I am resisting.
Any effort I make to stop only increases the resistance.
It is enough to just be aware in the present moment.

Thoughts are like clouds, they come and they go.
Thoughts are like waves, they rise and they fall.
Whatever comes this too shall pass.

I am as I should be.
There is nothing I have to do.
There is nowhere I have to go.
This moment is as it should be.
My process of life is natural.
Awareness of Consciousness.
Slowing down...watching...observing.
I am aware of being aware.


Remembering...                                             Jeff
What a gift it is to be understood....I've not heard of entasy,
so maybe my term for what I experienced [ecstasy] limited the
description of it. I was not outside myself in any way. In
fact, I have never felt more in touch. It seemed as if the
water surrounding the many islands of my life's topography
had just drained away, revealing the bedrock of what was
always there, obscured.

I was me, but exponentially unfolded. My true identity had
been literally in my face for the whole of my life. It's the
big cosmic joke played on each and every one of us, even as
we scurry after that dangling carrot in the sky. We are each
doing the same thing.

I think that was my initial recognition, and out of that
recognition came an immensely deep respect and compassion
for every person I met and for the task they had set out
to achieve, which I believe is to remember.


Glad to see the return of AIA's ezine....          Dennis Trunk
3rd Millennium Gateway"
I'm glad to see the return of your newsletter. Your discussion
of the various terms and points of view that can be used to
express spiritual awareness is particularly interesting.

After all, many of the nonduality teachers around the world
are saying exactly the same thing, but by saying it in their
own unique way, they can reach individuals who might respond
only to that unique way. It's a varied approach to an
infinitely rich reality.


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  |  In addition: your feedback and reflections about the |
  |  AIA ezine and website are always welcome.  I will    |
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Reader Resources      
Cloud of Unknowing: Christian Contemplative Mailing List

List owner: Joe Mariconda

"That which is Ineffable and Unknowable moves you to
desire the Ineffable and Unknowable. Become increasingly
faithful to this work - until it becomes your whole life."

Excerpts from "The Cloud of Unknowing," an exceptional
Christian treasure first gathered and recorded by a
profound and nameless mystic called Dionysius, the
Areopagite.  Wisdom and insight to be savored.

Edited excerpts are based on a translation by Evelyn
Underhill. Underhill's work is in the public domain
and is freely available from the Christian Classics
Ethereal Library at:

Along The Way: Advaita Vedanta Quotation Mailing List

List owner:  Muni Gilbert

"Offerings from great spiritual masters to aid us along the
way as we make our journey from Unity to Unity.   The daily
quotations are drawn from the teachings from Papaji (Sri H.W.L.
Poonja), Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi and others in the
tradition of Advaita Vedanta, as well as offerings from the
great mystics Jalal al-Din Rumi and Lalla."

Sunlight: Rumi Quotations Mailing List

List owner: Muni Gilbert

"For those who love the poetry and stories of Mawlana Jalal
al-Din Rumi, the 13th century Sufi Mystic.   Daily posts
present a variety of translators and translations.   Many
English speaking people are coming to an appreciation of
Rumi's poetry through the translations of Coleman Barks
and Camille and Kabir Helminski.   Much of their work is
presented on Sunlight, as well as the lesser known 
translations by Nader Khalili, Jonathan Star, Annemarie
Schimmel, William Chittick and others."

See also "Ruminations" for a discussion of Rumi's poetry:

Thou Art That
Email: "Kothai Nandaswamy" 

"Thou Art That" is a spirituality guide dedicated
to self-inquiry and consciousness.

The man of Tao remains unknown
Perfect virtue produces nothing.
"No-Self" is "True-Self"
And the greatest man is Nobody.
                  -- Chuang Tzu

Vichara Monastery

Recommended Reading:
·  How to Practice Vichara (Reflective Inquiry)
·  Frequently Asked Questions:
   -- What is meditation?
   -- How can I stop ignoring?



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