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Metta's Health Recovery Update
September 1, 2008

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In May of 2003, my partner and I experienced a toxic mold and chemical exposure in our home, which significantly impaired my health and required immediate relocation. As a result of this environmental emergency, combined with a series of family medical emergenices, I temporarily suspended all of my AIA activities in June of 2003.

Not long afterwards, during my recuperation from this environmental emergency, my back was seriously injured in a routine chiropractic adjustment (in October of 2005). For well over a year, this injury limited my mobility and my ability to sit for extended periods of time.

More recently (August, 2006) my back was reinjured again, ironically, in an acupuncture treatment intended to relieve the pain from the original back injury. This secondary spinal trauma triggered an extremely severe and debilitating outbreak of shingles which has, in turn, resulted in secondary nerve damage.

At this point (September, 2008), I am still working on my recovery from:

  • the asthma and chronic mold/chemical sensitivities that resulted from the toxic environmental exposure, and
  • the impaired immobility and nerve damage associated with the two spinal injuries.

    In addition, I am continuing to provide eldercare and support for my 87-year-old mother, while maintaining my family and professional commitments.

    Nonetheless, I look forward to resuming my work through AIA in the months to come. In the meantime, I invite you to join AIA's Updates mailing list if you would like to be notified when this work resumes.

    I also welcome your feedback and correspondence -- and although my time for personal correspondence is extremely limited, I do read and genuinely appreciate every letter I receive.

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