Essence as Light

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     "Enlightenment is a sudden, direct and energetic
     illumination that is continuously available to anyone
     who is ready to let go and allow it.  It is the open 
     secret which reveals itself in every part of our lives.
     No effort, path of purification, process or teaching 
     of any kind can take us there.  For the open secret
     is not about our effort to change the way we live.
     It is about the rediscovery of who it is that lives."
                                                    Tony Parsons
                                                    The Open Secret

The experience of Awakening into Awareness is a discovery of this "Open Secret" and a Realization of the fundamental nature of Reality. It is an intuitive revelation in which everything -- and, at the same time, nothing -- changes:
  • The Natural Great Perfection and Completeness of Reality, as it is within the present moment, is revealed in all its magnificent, and ordinary, simplicity.
  • Time, and the illusion of past and future, dissolve into the radiant luminosity of the present moment.
  • All search for meaning ends within this Infinite Completeness, and the sweetness of the resulting Satisfaction is as vast and undisturbed as the limitless background of our own innate Awareness. This is the Essence of the "Open Secret": Reality, exactly as it manifests in the present moment, within our own innate natural Awareness, is none other than THAT which we have been seeking.

  • Based upon a remarkable "epiphany" -- a sudden, spontaneous Realization of this Open Secret -- these web pages are a unique opportunity to begin to explore the nature of Reality as it manifests within the immediacy of our own human experience.

    I invite you to join me in this exploration and to awaken in this moment into a recognition of your own innate insight and your natural, spacious Awareness.

    With deep appreciation,
    Metta Zetty

    May 21, 1998

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