Essence as Light

Insight Mentoring Letters

Based on an extraordinary experience of spontaneous
awakening into Awareness, AIA's free Mentoring Letters
are excerpts from Metta's email and chat mentoring. 

Samples from Metta's previous letters and chat transcripts
are posted in:
  • AIA's Mentoring Letter Archives
  • AIA's chat transcript archives and
  • Metta's replies to questions about the experience of Awakening into Awareness.
    See what people are saying about Metta and the Insight Mentoring process.
    Please Note:
  • You do not have to have any specific mentoring questions in order to subscribe to this mailing list. Often there is value in simply "listening in" and reflecting on Metta's mentoring exchanges with other individuals.
  • If you do have a mentoring query you would like to share with Metta, please review your options for email and chat mentoring. Subscription Options Star  See AIA's mailing list update
    Email Mentoring Queries Please note: In recent months, my availability for mentoring sessions has been significantly limited by my current commitments, both personal and professional. (For more information, see my most recent note to web site visitors.) In light of this, the best way for us to keep in touch will be through my mailing lists. This will allow me to continue sharing with you on a regular basis, and then notify you when my schedule opens up for mentoring sessions again. In the meantime, please feel free to send your email mentoring inquiry, and I will respond if/when life and time permit. In the interim, I am grateful for your patience and understanding. With appreciation -- Metta

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