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Making a Living
Making a Difference

An Invitation from Nathan Brown

Thank you for your interest in learning how you can make a living making a difference!

I am now in the early stages of creating a new web-based project designed to provide site visitors with a wide variety of Internet resources -- including a monthly ezine (electronic magazine) and an online directory -- focused on helping each of us make a positive difference in the world.

For those who are interested, this project will also provide a simple, affordable opportunity for earning income by sharing these resources with others using a turn-key web site designed to resell our monthly ezine.

We are now in the process of developing the basic structure of our project, and plan to begin designing the self-replicating web site early next year. If you are interested in learning more, just let me know, and I will keep you posted on our progress. When we're ready to launch the project, we will welcome your feedback and participation!

For your convenience, Metta and I have provided a collection of links that are representative of the types of resources I'll be including in our ezine and our free online directory. You can begin making a difference right now by clicking on these links!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Nathan Brown

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