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Mailing List Update

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During the summer of 2003, publication of AIA's free mailing lists
was temporarily suspended due to several medical emergencies
in Metta's family.  A brief overview of these mailing lists, along
with archive links and more detailed information about each list,
is included below.

Publication of these lists will resume, in some modified form,
in the months to come as Metta's health recovery continues
to progress.

In the meantime, Metta's most current note to web site visitors
will provide an update on her current mailing list plans.

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AIA's Previous Mailing Lists

In This Moment
This list is a contemplative guide to exploring the essential nature of Reality,
and an invitation to accept the radical possibility of Awakening in this moment.

Based on an extraordinary experience of spontaneous realization, this mailing list
provides brief daily (M-F) or weekly reflections from Metta designed to enhance our
appreciation of the innate fullness and completeness of the present moment by:
  • dismantling the cycle of restless seeking,
  • shifting the focus of attention toward a direct and immediate recognition of That which is Essential and Real. Sample reflections are available in the topical index to Metta's Reflections and in AIA's "In This Moment" Archives.
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  • Insight Mentoring Letters
    This free mailing list provides one letter excerpted each month from Metta's
    email and chat mentoring. Excerpts from some of Metta's previously published
    letters are posted in Metta's replies to questions about the experience of
    awakening.  Please note: the full online archive of Metta's Mentoring Letters
    was destroyed by hackers, and will be restored in the months to come.
    See what people are saying about Metta and the Mentoring process.
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    AIA's Ezine
    AIA's ezine is a free electronic newsletter dedicated to exploring the nature
    of Reality and the experience of Realization. Issues are distributed every
    8-12 weeks, and include:
  • Reflections on reality and the experience of Realization,
  • Wisdom and insight from Awakening-related texts, and
  • Q&A exchanges about the experience of Awakening. Back issues are are available by autoresponder & in AIA's Archives.
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    AIA's Updates
    AIA's free Updates mailing list is for anyone interested in receiving notification
    about AIA web site changes.  Each time our web site is significantly changed
    or updated, you will receive automatic email notification. In addition, all of AIA's
    public announcements are released through this Updates mailing list.
    See AIA's Recent Updates
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