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Our Facilitated Processes

Turn Meetings at Work into Meetings that Work!
An overview of how to turn frustrating and 
unproductive meetings into enjoyable and
effective working sessions

How a Facilitated Session Works...
An overview of what actually happens in a
professionally facilitated meeting

Our Facilitation Style
An overview of the style and approach we
use in cofacilitating meetings for our clients

Partnering: Key to Successful Project Management
An introduction to Partnering as effective
strategy for successfully managing any type
of collaborative project

Open Space: Exploring Spirit and Wisdom at Work 
An introduction to Open Space: an innovative,
self-organizing and refreshingly different
approach to meeting management, which is
unsurpassed in:
     - fostering open communication, 
     - encouraging the passionate exchange
	of ideas and interests, and
     - releasing the untapped energy and
	spirit within our organizations.
Be prepared....  Open Space will completely
change the way you think about and participate
in meetings -- forever!

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