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"When we have slept long enough,
the moment will come when we simply
awake into awareness."
-- Sunyata
Question #1 What does "Awakening into Awareness" mean?

"Awakening into Awareness" is a gradual or sudden realization of the Open Secret: a recognition of the nature of Reality, and of who we are, at a fundamental, essential level.

This liberating realization has been described in a wide variety of ways throughout humankind's history, and in wisdom traditions around the world.

The "ultimate understanding" that arises in conjunction with this Awakening is the simultaneous and irrefutable recognition of both:

  • the finite nature of all things, and
  • the inherent completeness and perfection of Reality
        manifesting within the Infinite Present.

    See also:

  • This Awakening
  • Accepting the Finite and Infinite

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