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Question #11
What kind of insight-guidance-initiation do you offer
into the "Natural Great Perfection"?

Thank you for sharing your interest in the "Natural Great Perfection." For centuries, teachers in the ancient Bon and Buddhist traditions of Tibet have described the ultimate nature of Reality as "dzogchen" -- "The Great Completeness" or "The Natural Great Perfection."

My use of this term, and the guidance that I offer, are based simply on the direct, intuitive Insight into this natural, innate Completeness which I initially experienced in a spontaneous "epiphany" in February of 1997.

My guidance and mentoring are grounded in my immediate experience and Awareness of this Reality as our own inherent nature. It is not based on any formal instruction with Tibetan masters, and it does not involve any initiations.

I have adopted the use of the term "Natural Great Perfection" simply because it is the most accurate and concise description of the fundamental and essential nature of the Reality that I have yet found. Based upon my experience, I believe this Completeness transcends all religious and cultural boundaries, and shows up as the innate expression of Reality within our own immediate human experience.

For more information about this guidance, which I describe as the "Insight Mentoring" process, I would suggest reviewing the following AIA links:

  • Insight Mentoring,
  • Insight Mentoring Letters,
  • Questions about Insight Mentoring and
  • What people are saying about Insight Mentoring.

    I am also available for individual and small group mentoring "chat" sessions for those who prefer to
    connect in real time, and will occasionally offer online retreats and mentoring intensives.

    I hope this information will be a good starting point for answering your questions, and I will look forward to keeping in touch....

    For more information on Dzogchen, see Question #9.

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