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Question #12
Could you kindly guide me in the process of Kundalini

Truthfully, there is nothing I can really offer with regard to guidance in stimulating the process of Kundalini awakening.
I am not convinced that the epiphany I had was a "classic" Kundalini experience, and my work does not focus explicitly on activating, or "awakening", this potential.

Please see the following explanation from A. H. Almaas which
helps to clarify the distinction he makes between the descent
of luminescent Essence -- which I believe I experienced in the
epiphany -- and the arising energy of Kundalini.
        "...Kundalini is an aspect of essence.  This is true,
        but in a very specific way -- in the sense that 
        Kundalini is a true energy, the energy of essence.  
        However, Kundalini is usually not seen [or recognized]
        as an aspect of essence because it is energy.  
        Essence, in the strict sense of the word, is our
        being. It is the very substance of existence.  
        Essential aspects exist on the being level and not
        on the energy level.

        (Kundalini is usually known as the ascending force,
        distinguishing it from the descending force.  The 
        descending force through which people like Aurobindo
        attained their realization, is nothing but essence
			The Elixir of Enlightenment
			A. H. Almaas, p. 40

Instead of focusing on the awakening of Kundalini, my work is dedicated to cultivating a Recognition the completeness
of Reality within the present moment. With this Recognition comes a Realization that nothing more is needed -- not even an experience of Kundalini awakening.

However, for those who are interested in pursuing an interest in Kundalini, I would recommend the following 2 sites, along with the "Kundalini" and "Extraordinary States" links included on the AIA Links page:

  • Shared Transformations
  • Spiritual Emergency Resource Center

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