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Question #14
Could you share with me what practice or practices
you were involved with prior to your Awakening?

As a starting point, you might want to review:

  • questions #2 and #9 (above),
  • one of my brief reflections on Spiritual Practice, and
  • all the Insight Mentoring Archives posts on "spiritual practice."

    These links probably provide the best and most comprehensive reply to your question. Ultimately, I don't think one can point to any particular causal factor or practice.

    In fact, adopting spiritual "practices" in many ways supports the mistaken belief that there is something that we must learn, do, achieve or accomplish in order to facilitate an experience of Awakening, when in fact, our immediate, ordinary and unadorned present moment experience is none other than that experience of Clear Seeing which we have been seeking....

    In this context, then, the best thing we can do is simply pay attention: pay attention to the nature of our experience, our consciousness, our Awareness.

    My recommendation to you is to question of the nature of Reality, experiment with Reality, and explore the "Given Conditions" which are inherent within our experience of being human.

    In this context, one intriguing and thought provoking book which challenges many of our basic assumptions about the nature of Reality is The Nature of Personal Reality, by Jane Roberts. You might find this to be more good, and provocative, food for thought.

    See, for example, an excerpt from this book which introduces the notion of "spacious mind," a description which is reminiscent of the epiphany which inspired the development of this website.

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