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Question #16: On Understanding Nothing....

Thank you so much for the ezine. The zine and your web site have made a big difference in how and where I'm looking, and what is looking.

[smiling] Beautifully said! Thank you so much for your warm and positive feedback....I'm glad if you are continuing to find the ezine and website to be of value.

I have periods, though, when I seem to "get" it, and those empty times when I understand nothing. I just keep at it.

Marvelous! Those "empty times" -- when we "understand nothing" -- are actually the most spacious moments we experience, because our beliefs and preconceived ideas about who and what we are begin to fall away.

In that silent, dark abyss that remains (in the absence of our most firmly held beliefs), we will gradually realize that there is, inherent within our most immediate sense of identity and being -- at the very heart of our Perceptual Center -- a silent, luminescent Seeing which is our solid Ground and Essence, clear and undisturbed.

It is THIS which is the Constant through all the variability in our experiences of being human. It is THIS through which Reality emerges into the present moment....

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful reflections.
They bring to mind three of my favorite quotations....

Confusion and Understanding
	If you understand, things are such as they are.
	If you do not understand, things are such as
	they are.			Gensha

	It is enough to know what you are not.

Angeles Arrien's Four-Fold Way
  • Show up (or, choose to be present).
  • Pay attention (to what has heart and meaning).
  • Tell the truth (without blame or judgement).
  • Let it go. (Be open and not attached to the outcome.)

    Keep looking at your looking -- with earnestness. Paying attention is enough. One day you will suddenly discover, with profound delight and relief, that Seeing happens quite naturally -- and effortlessly.... As Richard Moss recently explained at one of his Foundational Gatherings, what he is teaching is "not about a big breakthrough": "What I teach is a thousand little relaxations, so that one day you can say: 'Ahh...' It's the cumulative effect of putting one thing down and then another." With each experience of letting go, we loosen the grip of our finite and limited identity -- and in so doing, we come closer to recognizing our inseparability from That which is Infinite.

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