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Question #19

Today there was the realization, that everything that is, is just witnessing this body-mind and nothing else....I have to ask because my experience is not "all there is is consciousness" but, just a body-mind sitting here and writing these lines -- and this is just witnessed....

Somehow this feels enough -- certainly the mind still wants to know what happens after death and if there still IS something, but this is also witnessed and goes by....

What a beautiful description! Yes -- the discovery of this witnessing and the miraculous sufficiency of it is, at its essence, I believe, consistent with realizations and recognitions described by many others. The language we choose to use in describing this discovery may vary tremendously, depending upon our perception and our experience of it:

  • "Witnessing of the body-mind"
  • "Background of Awareness"
  • "Unitive consciousness"
  • "Clear Seeing"
  • "Headlessness"
  • "No-self"
  • "Emptiness"
  • "Fullness"
  • "Natural Great Perfection"
  • "Ground of Being"

    In my own case, the recognition was/is one of experiencing the absolute completeness, fullness and sufficiency of the body-mind and the larger (Infinite) universe within which it appears.

    Regardless of how this discovery is described, I suspect the recognitions are very similar -- in fact, kindred -- reflections of the same Reality. They vary only by virtue of the fact that the lenses through which this Reality is seen/experienced (our body-minds) are different.

    Years ago my Asian Religions professor provided two brilliant exercises to illustrate this point. He asked his students to define a chair, or to describe an object (a pot) which he had set in the middle of the group. As you might well imagine, each description was very different from the others, and yet the students were all seeing/experiencing/ describing essentially the same object.

    So it is, I believe, with our "experiences" of Reality. The length of our focal depth, along with our own unique perception and perspective, will flavor the way we describe the "witnessing" or "completeness" we discover. From my point of view that, too, is part of the miracle: no matter where we sit, and no matter where we look, the Reality toward which we point is, essentially, one and the same.

    In light of this discovery, the mind will, of course, continue to inquire about the infinitude of details, since it is the nature of the mind to inquire, explore and speculate. And, yet, there is nothing inherently "wrong" or inappropriate with the continuation of this inquiry. As you so wisely indicated, all the busy-ness and activity of the thinking process is simply subsumed within the larger, constant and unbroken witnessing field....

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