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    This question, and a series of replies from a variety of
    different teachers, will be included in the 2001 issue of
    Kriben Pillay's annual Noumenon journal.

    Question #21 There appear to be two schools of thought relative to the issue of free will. One is like J. Krishnamurti's, which implies we have a kind of free will which we can use to break through delusion, and the other is like Balsekar's, which says there is no free will and that all is pre-determined, even the desire to break through. Somehow, my gut instinct tells me that Life is like an improvisation rather than a fixed script, and while I once had a powerful experience of being lived by Life, it still felt like an improvisation, a potential rather than a fixed plan. This also accords with quantum physics. What is your view of this issue? Reply I am not free not to see what I have already seen -- and yet, within this Seeing lies absolute freedom! "We cannot help breathing, and yet it seems that breath is under our control; we both breathe and are breathed." -- Alan Watts "The blue mountains are of themselves blue mountains; The white clouds are of themselves white clouds." -- Zenrin Kushu Is this freedom or destiny? I say, ask the blue mountains; ask the white clouds. 2000, Metta Zetty All Rights Reserved.

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