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Question #4
Of what value or use is this sort of Awakening?
How does it relate to my own daily life?

As Arjuna Nick Ardagh points out in his book Relaxing into
Clear Seeing, when Nisargadatta was asked this same
question about the value of Awakening, and "how this
realization might be of benefit to one's life," he replied
quite simply: "In no way whatsoever." (p. 16.)

Based upon my own experience, I do not believe any 
experience of awakening can assure us that our lives
will be easier, or happier, or free from suffering.
Realization simply does not provide us with immunity
from the experience of being human.  

However, an experience of Realization or "awakening"
can provide:
  • an end to our restless searching and seeking after a sense of meaning, purpose and fulfillment, and
  • an experiential understanding of the nature of Reality which transcends the limits of human suffering. In the end, what more could we possibly need than This?

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