Essence as Light

Questions and Replies

The following questions are excerpts from Metta's
Mentoring Letters correspondence. Additional questions
are posted in AIA's Mentoring Letter archives
and chat transcript archives.

Question #1
What does "Awakening into Awareness" mean?

Question #2
Why do you think you had this experience of Awakening, and how can I prepare for a similar experience, myself? (See also Questions #9 and #14.)

Question #3
Why are we here? What is the purpose of existence? What is our purpose in life?

Question #4
Of what value or use is this sort of Awakening?

Question #5
Negativity is invading me. Suddenly I can see no light in anything. What is it I built, but a paper castle? I feel disconnected. Should I start over, using positive affirmations? (See also Questions #15 and #16.)

Question #6
I wonder what your views are on moments that hold a great deal of pain? I handle them by knowing they are real moments of pain....And, what about betrayal?

Question #7
I had a spiritual awakening when I was 17....For a half hour, I was in an altered state of consciousness. My perception actually shifted, and...everything was indescribably beautiful....But, I spent the next 30 years wondering how to reexperience it.

Question #8
Does the AIA website have any connection to Zen Buddhism?

Question #9
I'm curious: had you been studying or practicing Dzogchen before your Awakening? Was this something you were seeking, or did it just happen? (See also Questions #2, #11, and #14.)

Question #10
How do you live with this experience, now, after the ecstatic moment is gone? And how does your partner live with it? Often, the other person feels threatened by this kind of "breakthrough" experience. (Includes "3 Guidelines for Commitment in Relationships.")

Question #11
What kind of insight-guidance-initiation do you offer into the "Natural Great Perfection"? (See also Question #9.)

Question #12
Could you kindly guide me in the process of Kundalini awakening?

Question #13
Even with the awareness of unmoving attention from the Center, there is still the personal interaction of the senses, and the ups and downs of those responses to them, right?

Question #14
Could you share with me what practice or practices you were involved with prior to your Awakening? (Includes additional links on spiritual practice.")

Question #15
On Confusion and Understanding....

Question #16
On Understanding Nothing....

Question #17
Awakening through a "Dark Night of the Soul" and by Grace

Question #18
Your enthusiasm is contagious and operates as a teaching vehicle in its own right. It literally transmits expansive spiritual energy. I felt it immediately upon reading your message....

Question #19
Witnessing This Body-Mind....

Question #20
Life's Existential Questions....

Question #21
Free will or predetermination?...

Question #22
Digital Darshan Forum: Is it necessary to have the physical presence of a teacher in order for transmission to occur? [See Metta's contributions to this dialogue from the Association for Transpersonal Psychology's 1999 Cyberconference: (8:37) and (8:39).]

Question #23
That my awareness might be the basis for everything that exists in this universe is the most frightening possibility I can imagine. It means total absolute solitude, a thought that has haunted me for years. What do you say to that, figure in my dream?

Question #24
Do you believe in a benevolent all-guiding creator force, outside of yourself, continuing to guide and bless humanity?

Question #25
Where does awareness come from, and where is it during deep sleep?

Additional questions and replies are posted in the
Mentoring Letter archives and chat transcript archives.

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