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Metta's Reflections

Given Conditions

Pay attention to, and inquire into, the nature of your own
immediate experience. Become the Witness, or Observer, 
of your own experience.

Investigate the "Given Conditions" of being human,
"I am -- Aware -- Now":
  • the sense of identity, or being, at the center of your own experience which manifests as "I am."
  • the Awareness through which you perceive everything within and around you.
  • the immediacy and Infinity of Now.
  • These three basic conditions of being human are profound pointers to our True Nature. We simply overlook them in our rush to identify ourselves with "outward" conditions, i.e., a body, memory, personality and the illusion of time. Simply paying attention -- looking at and remembering these basic, essential conditions -- is enough, for they are the vehicle through which we experience, and Recognize, the vast and Infinite nature of Reality. See also:
  • Attention
  • Awareness and Consciousness
  • Being Human
  • Identity
  • Present Moment
  • Reality
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