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Metta's Reflections

Reflections on Reality

Reality is the Infinite showing up here and now through finite form.

Reality flows through each and every one of us in a tidal wave of Infinite expression. We often miss the miracle of this manifestation because we somehow expect "It" to be something other than who and what we already are.

Reality is not an abstract, theoretical construct. It is our immediate experience within the present moment.... Reality is nothing more or other than the totality of our experience and the potential inherent within the Infinite present.

The value of this reflection and exploration lies in the discovery of Essence and Presence within the present moment -- and in the gradual realization of our fullest human potential.

Reality is an opportunity to discover more of who we are, at our deepest and most fundamental level.

Our individual experiences are unique and miraculous windows into understanding the nature of the Infinite.... Every experience is an invitation into the Infinite.

When we allow ourselves to experience the deep levels of knowing that are innate within each of us, we open the door of possibility for experiencing broader and deeper levels of Reality.

There is a deeper, underlying Reality inviting us all into a deeper and more profound relationship with All That Is.

Any experience we have within the present moment is an opportunity to settle more deeply and more fully into an appreciation of the fullness of Reality. Each experience is actually a doorway into the Real. The fact that we do not recognize this simply means we haven't yet noticed, or realized the immanence and immediacy of the Real.

Reality cannot be avoided, if only because it is All That Is -- including all of our own untapped potentiality, and all of our as yet unperceived, unrecognized and unnamed dimensions of being. Allowing ourselves the freedom to intuit this understanding, and to feel our way into the immediacy of the Real is the greatest act of faith and insight we can muster. It is a courageous step that will be richly rewarded with nothing less than the Essence and totality of All That Is.

If I see myself as connected to and participating within a larger, broader, multidimensional reality, I begin to recognize the power of my own choosing within the present moment, and I open the door to the possibility of discovering a much more grand and innate potential, both within myself and within my experience of reality.

The reality we experience is the reality we define and shape through our beliefs and our perceptual filters. When we change our beliefs and perceptual filters, our experience of reality is inevitably transformed.

There is, within each of us, a larger Reality of which we are usually not conscious. However, in moments of heightened consciousness, this Reality reveals itself to us, through our own innnate Awareness, in profound experiences of pure and inexpressible grace. From that point forward, our lives are powerfully and forever transformed.

Usually we think of "reality" as something substantial and tangible "out there," something theoretically "objective" to which we must ultimately be accountable. However, I would argue that reality includes the totality of our experience -- including all the insubstantial, "subjective," subtle and intuitive promptings of which we are usually not conscious. In reflecting upon the nature of Reality, we must be careful not to ignore and overlook these more subtle levels of experience, by focusing our attention solely on the more obvious, "outer" levels of the human condition.

The ultimate test of any theoretical position or conceptual framework is how well it holds up in the face of our own subjective experience in the "real" world. In my own mind, this argues for the validity of using our subjective experience as at least a partial measure of the rigor and value of any conceptual theory about the nature of reality.

Reality is much larger than we imagine it to be. After all, it includes our imaginations....

Reality, as we experience it in the present moment, is our doorway into the Infinite.

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