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Metta's Reflections


Our destination is always Here.
Our arrival time is always Now.

All movement
is a reflection of
the wandering of the mind.

Do not be deceived by the apparent passage of time. The present moment is Infinite.
The apparent movement of time is simply a convenient mechanism for continuous revelation of the Infinite.
The fact that the linearity of time is an illusion is verifiable within the undisputable truth of your own immediate experience: none of us can ever escape the Infinite Present.
Time exists for one reason: to reveal the inescapability of Now.
For me, the movement of time has stopped. Shapes and seasons change, but Now always remains.
As time passes, it is undeniably clear that the Background of Witnessing Awareness revealed within the epiphany remains the Infinite, unmoved Center of all my experience. Everything arises out of and disappears into This. See also:
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