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A Felt Sense    (Name withheld by request)

If I had to describe what's going on (and I generally avoid doing so, even to myself as much as possible), I would analogize it to the exercise of some physical skill in which one is well trained -- whatever comes up, whatever the conditions are, one simply responds via a seemingly automatic whole-organism felt sense, and when thinking (of the planning and plotting sort) tries to assert itself, one doesn't get distracted by it.

Surprises on several fronts (work, money, family, housing), not all of them positive by any stretch, have occurred, and I've found myself moving with them; and within that, there's been a certain peace, energy, and satisfaction. No awakening, to be sure. Nor am I impervious to the intrusions (and seductions!) of scheming and obsessing. But the momentum right now favors the "felt sense" and I'm pulled to stay with it, work with it, explore it as long it remains fruitful.

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