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Reader Reflections

Look into the Looking
by Roger Cotgreave
Still Point School of Tai Chi

Look into the looking at point zero.
Look without naming or defining.
Look inward before looking outward.
Let all edges and surfaces seen
Be open to space.
With a soft gaze let awareness not stop,
but pass through what you see.
Let the background space be awareness.
Look at appearance without turning it into objects.
Look with an active not-knowing.
Appreciate and feel knowingness in all appearance.
Look and see the relationship of everything.
Look at space instead of content.
Notice that space is not moving.
Essential questions not to be answered,
but allow them to produce a deeper knowingness.
Where does a thought go after it goes?
Within what is everything appearing?
If the moment is a gift, how do I receive it? 
How big are you if you don't define yourself
By the size of your body?
At what point do the senses merge with the sense object?
Where do they meet?
From where does the future come?

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