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Reader Reflections

Magic Eye Analogy
by Wayne Powell

When we last spoke, you essentially asked me what it is that I want. Since you posed that question, I have been looking at that question and returning repeatedly to that question in the normal course of my day. No "efforting" involved, no searching frantically for an answer, but just looking.

Tonight, an analogy came to me that really communicates what I want. It involves those "magic eye" pictures that, when we just look at them in the normal way that we look at everything, they seem to be just a colorful jumble of lines and shapes without any deeper significance. We don't see anything worth a second look.

Then, someone says "Look at this picture with your eyes focused differently and just relax." We try and try and at first we are sure they are just fooling us, but we notice that other "lookers" are seeing the image that is there. So we keep looking and continue to follow the instructions until (finally) something shifts and we see "it" (the hidden image) clearly. We recognize that "it" was there all along and it was never hidden at all!

I have always been delighted, mystified and fascinated by those "magic eye" pictures. I realize now that I am delighted because it is such a perfect and compelling metaphor for "Awakening to Awareness."

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