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Reader Reflections

by Jeff

What a gift it is to be understood....I've not heard of entasy,
so maybe my term for what I experienced [ecstasy] limited
the description of it. I was not outside myself in any way. In
fact, I have never felt more in touch. It seemed as if the water
surrounding the many islands of my life's topography had just
drained away, revealing the bedrock of what was always there,

I was me, but exponentially unfolded. My true identity had
been literally in my face for the whole of my life. It's the big
cosmic joke played on each and every one of us, even as
we scurry after that dangling carrot in the sky. We are each
doing the same thing.

I think that was my initial recognition, and out of that recognition
came an immensely deep respect and compassion for every
person I met and for the task they had set out to achieve, which
I believe is to remember.

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