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Please note: Highly recommended books are highlighted. Additional reading lists and resources are included below.
A. H. Almaas The Point of Existence Luminous Night's Journey Walter Truett Anderson Open Secrets: A Guide to Tibetan Buddhism for Western Spiritual Seekers Arjuna Nick Ardagh Relaxing into Clear Seeing John Blofeld (Translator) The Zen Teaching of Huang Po Dannion Brinkley Saved by the Light At Peace in the Light William Buhlman Adventures Beyond the Body Sophy Burnham The Ecstatic Journey Thomas Cleary Kensho: The Heart of Zen Zen Essence: The Science of Freedom Ngakpa Chogyam Rainbow of Liberated Energy Chanag Chung-Yuan Original Teachings of Ch'an Buddhism Nona Coxhead The Relevance of Bliss: A Contemporary Exploration of Mystic Experience Ligia Dantes The Unmanifest Self: Transcending the Limits of Ordinary Consciousness Duane Elgin Voluntary Simplicity: An Ecological Lifestyle that Promotes Personal and Social Renewal Frederick Franck The Book of Angelus Silesius Viktor E. Frankl Man's Search for Meaning Norman Friedman Bridging Science and Spirit: Common Elements in David Bohm's Physics, The Perennial Philosophy and Seth Philip Goldberg The Intuitive Edge: Understanding Intuition and Applying It in Everyday Life Thich Nhat Hanh Being Peace Douglas Harding On Having No Head Byron Katie The Work: The Great Undoing What to Do When Nothing Works: The Manual for The Work Losing the Moon: Byron Katie Dialogues on Non-Duality, Truth, and Other Illusions, Edited by Ellen J. Mack Jan Kersschot Coming Home Steven Levine Who Dies? Meg Maxwell and Verena Tschudin Seeing the Invisible: Modern Religious and Other Transcendent Experiences Franklin Merrell-Wolff Experience and Philosophy: A Personal Record of Transformation and a Discussion of Transcendental Consciousness Dennis Genpo Merzel The Eye Never Sleeps: Striking to the Heart of Zen Ramana Maharshi The Spiritual Teaching of Ramana Maharshi Stephen Mitchell (Editor) The Enlightened Mind: An Anthology of Sacred Prose Richard Moss How Shall I Live? The I That is We The Black Butterfly The Second Miracle Words That Shine Both Ways Nisargadatta (See multiple links on AIA's Links page) I Am That The Experience of Nothingness: Talks on Realizing the Infinite The Nectar of Immortality: Discourses on the Eternal The Ultimate Medicine Seeds of Consciousness Chögal Namkhai Norbu The Mirror: Advice on the Presence of Awareness Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State The Cycle of Day and Night: An Essential Tibetan Text on the Practice of Contemplation Dream Yoga and The Practice of Natural Light The Crystal and The Way of Light Tony Parsons The Open Secret Jerry Stocking (a.k.a. PAX) Enlightenment is Losing Your Mind John Myrdhin Reynolds Self-Liberation Through Seeing with Naked Awareness Paul Reps Zen Flesh, Zen Bones: A Collection of Zen Writings and Pre-Zen Writings Kalu Rinpoche The Dharma Bernadette Roberts The Path to No-Self Jane Roberts The Nature of Personal Reality Suzanne Segal Collision with the Infinite Gosung Shin Zen Teaching of Emptiness Raymond Smullyan The Tao is Silent Ralph Strauch The Reality Illusion: How You Make the World You Experience Sunyata Sunyata: The Life and Sayings of a Rare-born Mystic Shunryu Suzuki Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now Lao Tsu Tao Te Ching Alan Watts This Is It and Other Essays on Zen and Spiritual Experience The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are The Joyous Cosmology Om: Creative Meditations The Way of Liberation: Essays and Lectures on the Transformation of the Self The Way of Zen Talking Zen The Wisdom of Insecurity: A Message for an Age of Anxiety William E. Williams Unbounded Light: The Inward Journey

Reader Recommendations Robert Adams: Silence of The Heart Gangaji: You Are That (Volumes 1 and 2) Goddard Neville: Power of Awareness Lama Surya Das: Awakening the Buddha Within Papaji: The Truth Is, Wake Up and Roar (Volumes 1 and 2) Satyam Nadeen: From Onions To Pearls Wayne Liquorman (Ram Tzu): Acceptance of What Is Recommended Reading Lists Charles Tart: The Professor's Bookshelf Book Locator Services Advanced Book Exchange: Rare, Used and Out-of -Print Books Books You Thought You'd Never Find Open Marketplace for Books Online Finding Out-of-Print Books (Suggestions from an AIA Reader)

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