Essence as Light

Reflections on Reality and the
Experience of Realization

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Metta's Reflections

Arising of Bliss
Assumptions and Expectations
Beyond All Seeking
Beyond Words
Bumping into Limitation
Center Space
Choice and Free Will
Clear Seeing
End of Seeking
Explore Your Assumptions
Given Conditions
Heaven and Hell
I Am
Infinite Present
In Spite of All Your Searching
Invitation into the Infinite
In This Moment Archives
Into What am I Inviting You?
It's Not What You Expected
Letting Go
Life's Invitation
Modern Heresy, Radical Possibility
Natural Awareness
No Effort
No Rules
Our Sacred Calling
Overwhelming Delight
Perceptual Center
Perfect Practice
Power of Choice
Reality Defies Expression
Recognizing the Inexpressible
Reflections on Reality
Remember This
Satisfaction Beyond Circumstance
Seeking and Discovery
Soft Eyes
Spacious Vitality
Spiritual Practice
This Awakening
Unchanging Awareness
Unraveling Our Confusions
We are That
When the Student is Ready
You Are More
Your Teacher
Reader Reflections

Beloved Face
Felt Sense
Headless Way
Look into the Looking
Magic Eye Analogy
Return to Original Nature
Simple Awareness
Sun-lit Wisps of Mystery
Word Sculptures

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