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Our Consulting, Facilitation
and Mentoring Services

Gary Kimble and Metta Zetty are organization
development consultants and meeting facilitators who
specialize in providing value-based leadership and
support for creating and developing strong, healthy
and collaborative environments, both at work and in
our communities.

Through the use of customized services designed to
improve communication and coordination between
multiple groups of stakeholders, we have earned a
proven record of success in enabling individuals
within teams and organizations to work together 
more effectively, more productively, and with higher
levels of personal and professional satisfaction. 

Most importantly, our professional practice is 
predicated upon a set of core Values and Beliefs 
which are the cornerstones of our "whole system"
approach to implementing organizational change.
These cornerstones undergird the design of all our
facilitated processes and services.

Our Services
Our consulting and facilitation services include a variety of organization
development, meeting facilitation and mentoring services:
	Organization Development
	     Organizational diagnosis and needs assessment
	     Strategic planning
	     Change strategy development
	     Business process redesign

	Meeting Design and Facilitation
	     Open Space facilitation
	     Partnering facilitation
	     Project planning meeting design and facilitation
	     Team building and team meeting facilitation
	     Cross-functional team development
	     Conflict management
	     Focus group facilitation

	     Facilitative leadership development
	     Executive coaching 
	     Team leader coaching
	     Facilitator training

Our "Whole System" Approach to Consulting and Facilitation Our professional practice is based upon a "whole system" approach to facilitating team and organization development. The 5 fundamental elements of this approach are illustrated in our logo graphic (above), and are explained in more detail, below: (1) Open, Honest Communication and (2) Broad Information Sharing Any successful team or organization development initiative depends, first and foremost, on open communication and the free exchange of information. All our services and facilitated processes are predicated on an assumption that people are most effective and creative when they have access to valid information, and when they can speak truthfully with one another. (3) Widespread, Voluntary Participation Our approach to consulting and facilitation is based upon a collaborative and participative strategy for designing and implementing whole system change. We recognize the importance and value of full stakeholder participation, and our goal is to include any individuals and work groups who will be involved with or impacted by our intervention. (4) Individual Responsibility Ultimately, the success of any collaborative process will depend upon the commitment of the individuals involved. A willingness to accept responsibility for the current reality, and then to share responsibility for creating a new future are essential elements in achieving success through collaboration. Our processes are designed to elicit and encourage this demonstration of individual commitment and responsibility. (5) Self-Organization We believe that organizations have the potential to be self-designing, self-organizing and self-managing. Realizing this potential depends upon creating an environment in which self-organization can develop naturally and spontaneously. We believe that fostering an open, flexible and supportive work environment combined with using collaborative, team-based processes will encourage the natural and healthy development of your organization.

Benefits and Advantages of a Whole System Approach Organization-wide participation and information sharing stimulate systems thinking; engage the interests and concerns of everyone involved in the process; and result in earlier grass roots "buy-in" for the change. Open communication encourages informal networking relationships and collaborative learning, while fostering a sense of common ground and shared community. Whole system participation empowers individuals throughout the organization, releasing more of their passion and creativity, while utilizing their knowledge, experience and insight more effectively. Enhanced team performance and front-line leadership are encouraged, along with increased personal responsibility and accountability in decision-making. Change is implemented through specific, job-related action plans, and is integrated into the "real" work of the organization.

Characteristics of Our Professional Consulting Practice A strong client-consultant partnership We believe every consulting relationship is unique. Therefore, our goal is to work -- as partners with you -- in determining not only the level and scope of our involvement with your organization, but also in designing any facilitated intervention we use. Customized processes and services All of the services we provide are customized to meet the unique organizational needs of our clients. While there are certain organizational needs which are almost universal (such as the need for open, honest communication and broad information sharing), the ways in which these needs can best be met differ within and between organizations. We are committed to working with you in designing customized interventions which will provide the immediate and long term value your organization requires. A strong focus on both results and relationships As professional facilitators, we recognize that the success of any collaborative endeavor will depend upon achieving your desired goals and objectives while, at the same time, establishing strong working relationships. Therefore, in all of our facilitated sessions, we will maintain a "results-focused" attention to task, while supporting your personnel in cultivating stronger, healthier and more responsive working relationships. An iterative (cyclical) approach to problem solving Our consulting practice and all of our facilitated processes rely upon the "Action Learning Cycle" as an overall design process guideline:
Action Learning Cycle
Throughout the entire design and facilitation process, our goal will be to encourage and model: - Open, honest communication and dialogue - Informal networking - Systems thinking - Reflective inquiry - Self-organization - Ongoing follow-up and evaluation Ongoing follow-up and evaluation The long term success of any facilitated process will depend upon ongoing follow-up and evaluation of both the collaborative process and the progress toward your desired goals and objectives. We will work with you and other key stakeholders to design and build in a user-friendly strategy for continuing to collect information and feedback about the collaborative performance of your team or organization.

Next Steps... If you or members of your organization are interested in exploring the services we provide and their potential application to your own organizational needs, please feel free to give us a call at 512-892-3304, or email us at info@kimble-zetty.com
We will look forward to hearing from you! For more information, see: How We Can Help Our Processes Our Facilitation Style How a Facilitated Session Works

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