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Our Facilitation Style

Our primary role as facilitators and consultants is to
support the creation of an environment which enables
our clients to develop:
     -  shared goals, 
     -  stronger working relationships and
     -  practical, useful strategies for working together
        more meaningfully and more effectively.  

We hold ourselves accountable for using the
participants' time wisely and productively. 

We assume responsibility for maintaining a neutral,
non-judgmental position in relation to:
     -  the facilitation of group process issues, and 
     -  the discussion/resolution of workplace needs
        and issues.

We focus on the two fundamental dimensions of
successful workplace collaboration:
    (1)  the process of building/maintaining relationships
           and communicating effectively, and
    (2)  the task of working through and resolving
           the "real work" needs and issues.

We design our facilitated sessions to be informal
working sessions with enough time and flexibility:
     -  to reflect upon and discuss critical needs,
        issues and concerns, 
     -  to develop comprehensive and effective
        action plans, and
     -  to accommodate unexpected developments
        during the session.

We co-facilitate all of our meetings.  Based on our
experience, we believe this co-facilitated approach:
    (1)  offers more variety and interest for the meeting
    (2)  provides the benefit of two perspectives:
            -  in monitoring group process, 
            -  in identifying and evaluating issues, and
            -  in resolving disagreements or conflicts;
    (3)  enables us to double-check each others'
          perceptions and interpretations of
         developments during the session;
    (4)  enhances the effectiveness of the meeting by
          mirroring and modeling the collaborative process; and
    (5)  provides a faster turn-around time in completing
          our clients' follow-up summary reports.

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