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Dear friends,

Thank you for your interest in supporting AIA. All of our
web-based resources and Metta's online mentoring services
are provided freely and without charge -- and the ongoing
availability of these resources and services depends upon
the dedicated and generous support of individuals, like you,
who have found AIA to be of value and interest. 

Please choose whichever option(s) you prefer:
  • Pledge your ongoing support and become a Friend of AIA.
  • Make a one-time donation.
  • Provide volunteer help. Your willingness to support the continuing expansion of this work and service will be genuinely appreciated and gratefully received. With appreciation, Metta

    Volunteers AIA visitors frequently ask how they can help support AIA. The following list of suggestions is simply a starting point for a wide range of possibilities you might want to consider. If you would like to provide any help other than the options detailed below, please let us know! In the meantime, here are our suggestions for how you can stay in touch, help spread the word and support AIA:
  • Share your feedback about the AIA website, both positive and negative. Your thoughtful comments and reflections will help me to improve the site and enhance the value of AIA for others.
  • Recommend the AIA website to others.
  • Bookmark and visit AIA regularly.
  • Periodically review Metta's note to website visitors to keep up with recent AIA developments.
  • Subscribe to AIA's website updates service and other electronic mailing lists.
  • Share copies of AIA's ezine, Mentoring Letters, and Metta's replies to Questions about the experience of Awakening into Awareness.
  • Add a link from your website to AIA. If you would like to have an recriprocal link added to the AIA website for your own page, just send me the URL of the website where you've added an AIA link, and we will create a corresponding link on AIA's Links page.
  • Include AIA's URL in your own newsletter or ezine.
  • Host a weekend mentoring intensive in your community. Contact AIA for more information.
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    Donations Donate Online: Simply click on the "Donate" icon below to make a donation in any amount using PayPal's secure online server:
  • Donate by Mail
    Please include your email address and make all
    checks and money orders payable to:
    	Metta Zetty
    	P.O. Box 92793
    	Austin TX 78709-2793 USA
    After your contribution is received, confirmation and
    acknowledgement will be sent to you, via email, within
    24-48 hours.  

    Your continuing interest and support
    are gratefully appreciated!

    Although AIA has not yet been certified by the US-IRS as a
    tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, your contribution will
    provide invaluable support for the development of
    AIA's not-for-profit activities and services.

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