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December 28, 2000 Addition to AIA's Awards:
  • Star of Wisdom Award from Astral Hearts Addition to Timeless Wisdom and Insights:
  • Explaining the Infinite
    December 26, 2000 New! AIA's first Online Mentoring Intensive begins today! New! AIA Ezine Issue #8 -- December, 2000 Additions to Metta's Reflections:
  • It's Not What You Expected
  • Overwhelming Delight
  • Explore Your Assumptions
    December 23, 2000 Updated:
  • Insight Mentoring Chat Sessions
  • Chat Tips, Hints and Guidelines, including links for TalkCity chat software: - Download: Mac/PC - Web Access: AOL/WebTV/Linux
    December 19, 2000 Addition to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insights:
  • Self-identification with the Limited

  • December 18, 2000 Updated:
  • Question #10: Guidelines for Commitment in Relationships
    December 16, 2000 Addition to Metta's Reflections:
  • Beyond All Seeking
    December 14, 2000 Addition to AIA's Mentoring Letters Archives:
  • #39: Nothing is Missing Addition to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #23: Total Solipsism and Absolute Solitude? That my awareness might be the basis for everything that exists in this universe is the most frightening possibility I can imagine. It means total absolute solitude, a thought that has haunted me for years. What do you say to that, figure in my dream? Updates:
  • Appreciation: What people are saying
  • The Natural Great Perfection
    December 10, 2000 Updates:
  • Site-wide revision of navigation menus.
  • Metta's note to web site visitors. Additions:
  • Announcement of AIA's first online Mentoring Intensive: 12/26/00 - 01/08/01 (More information will be posted and distributed soon.)
  • AIA's Affiliate Programs

  • November 22, 2000 Metta has been invited to be a guest speaker at the International Conference on Altered States of Consciousness in Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 2-7, 2001.
    October 9, 2000 Addition to Metta's Reflections:
  • Power of Choice Additions to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #21: Free will or predetermination?
  • Question #22: On Digital Darshan Is it necessary to have the physical presence of a teacher in order for transmission to occur? [ See Metta's contributions to this dialogue from the ssociation for Transpersonal Psychology's 1999 Cyberconference: (8:37) and (8:39). ]
    October 7, 2000 Update:
  • Question #2
  • Question #3
  • This is it!
    September 11, 2000 Addition to AIA's Recommended Mailing lists:
  • Open Space: Exploring Spirit and Wisdom at Work Free Subscription -- Archives -- From Kimble/Zetty
    September 5, 2000 Addition to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insights:
  • Not Blocking
  • Updates:
  • Modern Heresy, Radical Possibility
  • Natural Awareness
  • This Awakening
  • In This Moment
  • Question #1: What does "Awakening into Awareness" mean?
    September 4, 2000 Addition to AIA's
    Mentoring Letter Archives:
  • Letter #37: Restless Seeking and Awakening, Grace and Our Longing to Know, Bumping up Against Limitation, Limitless Discovery, Awareness
  • Addition to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insights:
  • Three-fold Miracle
    September 3, 2000 Addition to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insights:
  • The Natural Great Perfection
  • Sign from God
  • Updates:
  • About Metta
  • Appreciation
  • AIA's Ezine
  • Suffering
    September 1, 2000 Addition to Metta's Reflections:
  • Unchanging Awareness
  • Addition to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #20 Life's Existential Questions....

  • August 27, 2000 Addition to Metta's
  • Given Conditions

  • August 20, 2000 New! In This Moment mailing list begins August 21, 2000. New! AIA Ezine Issue #7 -- August, 2000 Additions to Metta's Reflections:
  • Bumping into Limitation
  • The End of Seeking
  • In Spite of All Your Searching
  • Letting Go
  • Life's Invitation
  • We are That Additions to Reader Reflections:
  • Beloved Face, Eternal Mirror
  • Remembering
  • Simple Awareness
    August 15, 2000 Additions to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #17 Awakening through a "dark night of the soul" and by Grace
  • Question #18 Your enthusiasm is contagious and operates as a teaching vehicle in its own right. It literally transmits expansive spiritual energy. I felt it immediately upon reading your message....
  • Question #19 Witnessing This Body-Mind.... Additions to Metta's Reflections:
  • Arising of Bliss
  • Beyond Words
  • Clear Seeing
  • I Am
  • Infinite Present
  • Into What am I Inviting You?
  • Meditation on Center Space
  • Mystery
  • Our Sacred Calling
  • Reality Defies Expression
  • Recognizing the Inexpressible
  • Satisfaction Beyond Circumstance
  • Your Teacher Additions to Reader Reflections:
  • Breathlessness
  • Felt Sense
  • Look into the Looking
  • Magic Eye Analogy
  • Return to Original Nature
  • Sun-lit Wisps of Mystery
  • Word Sculptures
    August 12, 2000 Addition to In This Moment:
  • Free 2-week trial subscription
  • option Update:
  • Appreciation: What people are saying
    August 6, 2000 Additions to AIA's new eScribe Archives:
  • AIA's Ezine Archives
  • AIA's updated and expanded Mentoring Letter Archives Additions to AIA's Recommended Mailing Lists
  • Cloud of Unknowing
  • Sunlight: Quotations from Rumi Addition to AIA's Experiments with Reality
  • 12 Questions by Timothee Roi
    August 2, 2000 Addition to Metta's Reflections:
  • Suffering Update:
  • Description of In This Moment updated.
    July 20, 2000 Additions:
  • Make a Difference...with Just a Click!
  • Chat Tips, Hints and Guidelines Updates:
  • AIA Home
  • Metta's Note to Website Visitors
  • A Note on Personal Correspondence with Metta
  • Insight Mentoring Letters
  • Mentoring Chat Sessions
  • Online Mentoring Retreats
  • Completeness and Perfection
  • Question #3
  • Support AIA
  • Help AIA
  • Began site-wide replacement of the "Send-Now" link with AIA's new "Recommend-It" link:
    Recommend this URL to others

    July 2, 2000 AIA Site Update:
  • Now offering AIA's Mentoring Letters mailing list free-of-charge
  • Announced AIA's newest mailing list, In This Moment: An invitation to awaken into Awareness...and a contemplative guide to ending the search. Coming soon...
    May 26, 2000 Update:
  • Metta's Note to Website Visitors
    April 7, 2000 Addition to AIA's Awards page:
  • Spirit Network's Lotus Light Award Addition to AIA's Web Ring page:
  • Consciousness Web Ring link
    March 17, 2000 Human Click's live chat link added to AIA.
    January 30, 2000 Update to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insight:
  • Death
    January 21, 2000 Addition to AIA's Experiments with Reality:
  • 21 Ways to Stay in the Peace, by Byron Katie Addition to AIA's recommended Mailing Lists:
  • AlongTheWay: Advaita Vedanta Quotations (daily M-F) Addition to AIA's Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Vedanta: Frequently Asked Questions
    January 7, 2000 Links for online credit card payments of AIA subscriptions and sponsorships were activated on the following pages:
  • Sponsor AIA
  • Donations
  • Insight Mentoring Letters
    January 4, 2000 Additions to AIA's Wisdom page:
  • Monumentally, Gloriously, Divinely Big Egos, by Ken Wilber
  • So Who Are You?, by Ken Wilber
  • Mutuality of Wakefulness, by Arjuna Nick Ardagh
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