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December 31, 1999 Updates:
  • AIA's Mailing Lists
  • Insight Mentoring Letters
  • Metta's note to website visitors
  • Donations
  • Support AIA
  • AIA's Ezine Additions:
  • A note from Metta about personal correspondence
  • Online credit card payment capability for: - subscribing to AIA's Mentoring Letters and - Supporting AIA
    December 4, 1999 Updates:
  • The Open Secret
  • Natural Awareness
  • What does "Awakening into Awareness" mean? Addition to AIA's Recommended Reading list:
  • The Open Secret, by Tony Parsons
    December 3, 1999 Addition:
  • Feedback about AIA's Audio Tape
    November 29, 1999 Addition to AIA's Reflections:
  • Remember This: The essence of Metta's teaching
    November 28, 1999 Updates:
  • Metta's note to website visitors
  • AIA's Home
    November 20, 1999 Addition:
  • "Buy It" Button for ordering AIA's audio tape online. Updates:
  • Death in AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insight
  • Metta's note to website visitors
  • Support AIA
  • AIA's Home
    November 6, 1999 Additions to Mentoring Letter Archives:
  • Further Impressions of the Headless Way
  • Byron Katie and "The Work"
  • Recommended Reading
  • Finding Out-of-Print Books Additions to Questions:
  • Question #12 Spiritual Emergency Resource Center added as a Kundalini Resource
  • Question #14 Could you share with me what practice or practices you were involved with prior to your Awakening?
  • Question #15 On Confusion and Understanding....
  • Question #16 On Understanding Nothing.... Additions to Timeless Wisdom and Insight:
  • Spacious Mind Additions to Metta's Reflections:
  • This Awakening
  • When the student is ready.... Addition to Reader Reflections:
  • Further Impressions of the Headless Way
    November 3, 1999 Addition to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insight:
  • Identity
    October 31, 1999 Addition:
  • AIA Ezine Issue #6 -- October, 1999 * Special First-Year Anniversary Issue * Update:
  • Metta's note to website visitors.
    October 30, 1999 Addition to Question #10:
  • "3 Guidelines for Commitment in Relationship"
    October 23, 1999 Addition:
  • AIA's audio tape from Metta's presentation at the Whole Life Expo in Austin, Texas.
    October 6, 1999 Addition to AIA's Wisdom link on Loving Kindness:
  • "Metta Meditation" by Joan Borysenko
    October 4, 1999 Update:
  • What people are saying
    October 3, 1999 Addition to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #13 Even with the awareness of unmoving attention from the Center, there is still the personal interaction of the senses, and the ups and downs of those responses to them, right?
    October 2, 1999 Addition to AIA's Experiments:
  • Link to Seven Experiments that Could Change the World
    September 23, 1999 Additions:
  • 1999 Golden Web Award added to AIA's Awards page.
  • A new list of "Other Recommended Reading Lists" added to AIA's Books and Recommended Reading.
    September 22, 1999 Additions to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #12 Could you kindly guide me in the process of Kundalini awakening?
    September 16, 1999 Additions:
  • Exceptional Human Experience Glossary added to AIA's FAQs page.
  • Question #11 added to AIA's Questions page. What kind of insight-guidance-initiation do you offer into the "Natural Great Perfection"?
    September 11, 1999 Broken Feedback links repaired.
    September 9, 1999 Additions:
  • SpiritWalk added to AIA's WebRings page.
    August 30, 1999 Addition:
  • AIA Ezine Issue #5 -- August, 1999.
    August 28, 1999 Additions to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #8 Does the AIA website have any connection to Zen Buddhism?
  • Question #9 I'm curious: had you been studying or practicing Dzogchen before your Awakening? Was this something you were seeking, or did it just happen?
  • Question #10 How do you live with this experience, now, after the ecstatic moment is gone? And how does your partner live with it? Often, the other person feels threatened by this kind of "breakthrough" experience. Additions to AIA's Timeless Wisdom:
  • On Being Human
  • Ultimate Understanding Updates:
  • Questions about the experience of Awakening
  • AIA's FAQs
    August 26, 1999 Addition to AIA's
    Ezine page:
  • AIA ezine demographics link
    August 25, 1999 Update:
  • What people are saying
    August 24, 1999 Addition to AIA's home page:
  • Free text translation service link
    August 22, 1999 Addition:
  • AIA's Insight Mentoring Letter Archives Update:
  • Metta's note to website visitors
    August 20, 1999 AIA's new website link testing was completed, and automatic redirect pages were posted on AIA's old Tripod website.
    August 19, 1999
    AIA's new, updated website loaded for preliminary review and link testing.
    July 31, 1999 Update:
  • Metta's note to website visitors
    June 27, 1999 Officially launched AIA's new Insight Mentoring Letters mailing list.
    June 23, 1999 Addition to AIA's Updates page:
  • Netmind Mind-it! service
    June 22, 1999 Addition:
  • Information about AIA's new Mentoring Letters mailing list. Update:
  • Metta's note to website visitors
    June 6, 1999 Addition:
  • What people are saying
    May 31, 1999 Additions:
  • Announcement of AIA's upcoming June 18-28, 1999, Online Mentoring Intensive
  • AIA Ezine autoresponders
  • AIA Ezine Issue #4 -- May, 1999 Update:
  • Metta's note to website visitors
    May 4, 1999 A new entrance into the AIA website was opened at our new domain name: Addition:
  • Metta's photograph
    May 3, 1999 Updates:
  • AIA's new mailing address: P.O. Box 781955 San Antonio TX 78278
  • Insight Mentoring
  • Questions and Answers about Insight Mentoring
    April 1, 1999 Addition:
  • Questions and Answers about Insight Mentoring
    March 27, 1999 Addition:
  • AIA Ezine #3 -- March, 1999
    March 19, 1999 Additions to AIA's Awards page:
  • The Divinity in Action Award
  • James Stout's Psychology & Personal Growth Award
    March 8, 1999 AIA was invited to join the "Spirit Ring" web ring by Jim Clatfelter and Richard Lang of The Headless Way. Thanks, Jim and Richard, for including AIA in the launch of this great network of quality websites dedicated to "exploring and celebrating the simple truth of who we really are!"
    February 20, 1999 Additions:
  • A note to website visitors, providing an update on recent AIA developments.
  • Information about "Dialogues on Reality" small group mentoring sessions added to AIA Mentoring page.
    December 25, 1998 Addition:
  • AIA Ezine Issue #2 -- December, 1998.
    November 5, 1998 Updates:
  • AIA Home
  • About Metta...
    November 2, 1998 Update:
  • Insight Mentoring
    October 29, 1998 Addition:
  • AIA Ezine Issue #1 -- October, 1998
    October 18, 1998 Development of the AIA Ezine announced.
    September 24, 1998 Additions to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insight:
  • Authenticity and Sincerity
  • Confusion and Understanding
  • Death
  • Nothing to Achieve, Nowhere to Go
    September 23, 1998 Additions
  • Question #7 added to AIA's Question: I had a spiritual awakening when I was 17.... For a half hour, I was in an altered state of consciousness. My perception actually shifted, and...everything was indescribably beautiful.... But, I spent the next 30 years wondering how to re-experience it.
  • How Extraordinary is the Ordinary! added to AIA's Timeless Wisdom and Insight
    September 22, 1998 Additions to AIA's Questions:
  • Question #5 Negativity is invading me. Suddenly I can see no light in anything. What is it I built, but a paper castle? I feel disconnected. Should I start over, using positive affirmations?
  • Question #6 I wonder what your views are on moments that hold a great deal of pain? I handle them by knowing they are real moments of pain. Addition:
  • AIA Updates
    September 6, 1998 Additions:
  • Information about AIA's Insight Mentoring Services
  • Announcement of upcoming Small Group Mentoring sessions added to Mentoring and AIA Home.

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