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Kimble/Zetty 4201 Monterey Oaks, #1618 Austin, TX 78749 512-892-3304 info@kimble-zetty.com kz@austin.rr.com Kimble-Zetty.com Partnering-Solutions.com Open-Space-Technology.com

Our Values

Our consulting and facilitation practice is based
upon a set of fundamental, core values to which we
are personally and professionally committed, and
upon which we believe all successful collaborative
processes must be based:

Open, Honest Communication

Free and Informed Choice

Full Stakeholder Participation

Mutual Respect and Trust 

Teamwork and Collaboration

Shared Goals

Fairness, Equity and "Win-Win" Thinking

Innovation and Creative Problem-Solving

Responsibility and Accountability

Effective Issue and Conflict Resolution

Quality, Safety and Good Service

Evaluation, Recognition and Celebration

Full Commitment to these Values and
to the Collaborative Process

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