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Please sign our web-based petition, and then share this link with others. The growing list of signatures on our Beyond Retaliation petition will be shared with United States governmental officials on a regular basis.

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This petition has been made available through the The Petition Site,
which hosts only address-authenticated, web-based petitions.
Forwarded email petitions have no validity, and web-based
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For your voice to be heard,
sign our petition now.

The following web-based petitions all advocate for nonviolent,
nonretaliatory responses to the recent disasters in
New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Authenticated Petitions

  • A Solution Oriented Approach: Yes to Solutions, No to Retaliation

    Nonauthenticated Petitions
    You may also be interested in reviewing the following petitions. However, they do not include address identification, and cannot be authenticated.

  • Love Bomb Petition

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