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Explaining the Infinite 

How can one really explain the Infinite?
Only an infinite explanation could possibly achieve
that purpose and it is immediately available in the
form of real life. The infinite explanation arises
spontaneously and naturally as the form of your
very life. Life is itself its own explanation, and
immediately obviates the need for any other.
                            Jae Jah Noh
                            Do You See What I See?, p. 9

Concert pianist, Vladimir Horowitz, tells about the
time he played a dissonant contemporary composition
at a private gathering.  When he had finished,
someone asked, "I just don't understand what that
composition means, Mr. Horowitz.  Could you please

Without a word, Horowitz played the composition again,
turned to his questioner, and announced, "That's what
it means!"         Philip Kapleau, Awakening to Zen

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