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Timeless Wisdom

Spacious Mind
From The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts

Now: Ruburt's mind is far more aware of other realities than his brain is, but he consciously believes in the greater reality of himself and his perceptions. The brain also possesses this belief, and so it opens itself as much as possible to the mind's activities. Because it does, certain intuitive psychic and 'intellectually spacious' experiences can be physically felt to some extent. The knowledge is interpreted through alterations in body sensation, which give it an important corporeal validity. In such cases high mental and psychic activities are reflected in the body's experience, providing a beneficial unity.

Here I use the term 'spacious' for workings of the mind and intuitions that exist in what you might call an accelerated range of action. The normal intellect, originated so precisely by beliefs to the inevitability of a one-focused kind of perception, is limited.

(10:45.) A certain kind of affirmation of self allows the brain to tune into these more spacious methods of perception that are the natural characteristics of the mind. There are very good reasons why this type of assertion must first occur. The brain (and the entire physical system) is meant to insure your bodily survival and to follow your conscious / beliefs about reality. There is always a harmonious unifying connection between your beliefs and activities. Some people feel utterly confident in certain areas and are more timorous in others. Some aspects of life may be ignored or even refuted for a time while others are focused upon. The individual will very cleverly and shrewdly go ahead in those areas in which he or she feels safe, often when in the process of altering beliefs. You will not use your spacious mind until you affirm its reality within yourself and until you are ready to handle the additional data which will then become consciously available to one extent or another. But the spacious mind operates through your creaturehood; in your terms it represents latent abilities of consciousness that can be more or less normal functions.

There are built-in biological structures that are activated for the reception of such message, and they have always been a part of your physical nature as a species. They will not be triggered on a personal basis until our own beliefs allow you to perceive the multidimensional layers of your own experience -- or at least to accept the possibilities.


As Ruburt's episode tonight shows, even normal sense data then achieves [sic] a kind of multidimensionality, a richness rather impossible to describe. This automatically provides a biological learning process in which the senses can be used in a freer, deeper fashion. While such occurrences are not constant, they are frequent enough so that ordinary experience is changed. The richness overlaps.

(11:00.) You do not have to know anything about so-called psychic matters necessarily. Many individuals use the spacious mind and its perceptions, taking it for granted without realizing how different their own perception is from that of others.

Rubert wondered about this next matter, which is related: Physiologically you carry within yourselves remnants of your evolution, in your terms -- physical vestiges of organs and other attributes long discarded. You follow me here?


In the same way you also carry within you structures not yet fully used; those organizations point -- in your terms now -- toward future evolution. Use of the spacious mind involves these. Individuals through all the ages have experienced this other kind of awareness, though never to its fullest form.

(Long pause at 11:05)

Experience with the spacious mind dissolves any seeming conflicts that occur between the intellect and the intuitions at the other levels. To whatever extent possible, the physical organism interprets that unity through a new mixture of sense data, so that materially the information can make sense.

An individual can tune into spacious-mind operation two or three times in a lifetime without realizing it and have experiences that he find difficult to interpret later. The affirmation involved is one of transcendence, in which for a time a person affirms his reality in flesh and at the same time states his independence from it (smile) -- and realizes that both these conditions exist simultaneously. A dual perception takes place in which the spacious mind is activated. By 'activated' I mean that the physical organism is suddenly aware of [the spacious mind's] existence....

(Resume very quietly at 11:51)

Now: When utilized properly and fully in your terms of time, the spacious mind will vastly enrich the dimensions of the species, bring the body into a greater harmony than is now possible.

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