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Timeless Wisdom

Ultimate Understanding

Consciousness is all there is. If that is understood intuitively and deeply then there's nothing else to say. Anything else that is said after that is superfluous because the ultimate understanding is a non-intellectual state.... First, there is a deepening of intellectual understanding that is part of the process. Intellectual understanding may result in a phenomenal experience of Oneness. That phenomenal experience of Oneness is what is normally thought of as a mystical experience, and the mystics for centuries have written about that experience using a variety of terms that reflect their spiritual culture. The ultimate understanding can be said to be the result of an impersonal event that happens in phenomenality, but the ultimate understanding is not phenomenal in nature. It is that which transcends and yet encompasses phenomenality.

                   Wayne Liquorman, in an interview posted
                   on the Advaita Fellowship website

The ultimate truth is so simple.  
It is nothing more than being in the pristine state.
This is all that need be said.		
			Ramana Maharshi

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