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Why AIA?

Thank you for visiting "Awakening into Awareness." I appreciate your interest and your presence here, and hope you will find our resources to be of value.

In the introduction below, I've provided a bit of background about why this web site was created.

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Metta Zetty

Why the "Awakening into Awareness" website?
This website has been created as a means for sharing and giving expression to a spontaneous experience of "awakening," or Realization, that occurred on February 5, 1997.

I have described this moment of awakening as an epiphany:
     a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential
     nature or meaning of something; an intuitive grasp of
     reality through something usually simple and striking.

To say that this was a remarkable, life-changing event cannot begin to convey, or do justice to, the profound impact the epiphany has had upon my life and my understanding of the nature of Reality.

The almost indescribable sensation of opening that triggered this experience, and the incredible flood of intuitive insight that followed were, quite simply, the most significant turning point in my life. As a result, the Realization inherent within the epiphany experience has increasingly become the Ground and reference point for my own identity, and my understanding of the Reality within which we live.

No experience has had the pivotal, transformational influence of this moment of "awakening," and nothing I have ever known, seen or experienced -- either before or since -- has provided the irreplaceable and enduring sense of meaning, satisfaction and completeness inherent within this Recognition.

Finally Coming Home...
In the midst of this "awakening" experience, I realized on a profound experiential level, that some fundamental and essential dimension of Reality was revealing Itself within the present moment. I knew that, as a result of this experience, my life would never be quite the same again. And, I understood that once "seen," or "known," or "experienced," this dimension of Reality could never be "unseen" again.

At the same time, I also finally felt as if I had, for the first time, come Home to a deeper experiential understanding of my own identity. Somehow, in this instant of Recognition, my search for meaning and for a sense of purpose (with which I had identified throughout my entire life) finally came to an abrupt end, in a timeless moment of complete and absolute fulfillment.

Describing the Indescribable
At first, in the months immediately following the epiphany, I hardly knew what to "do" with this Awakening. There was nothing within my ordinary experience that could provide a frame of reference for the epiphany simply because what I had "discovered" and "experienced" was the very Background and Essence of my "ordinary" experience!

Finding words to describe this "discovery," and the euphoric quality of its revelation was, and continues to be, extremely difficult. The intense waves of emotion that accompanied the "Awakening" are often rekindled simply by thinking about it, and it often seems that no words are large or broad or deep or magnificent enough to do justice to the power, intensity and vastness extent of this experience.

Nonetheless, in spite of both the ineffable quality of the epiphany, and the overwhelming depth of emotion that has accompanied it, I have still felt a continuing desire -- indeed, a strong and compelling urge -- to try to find some words, some means, some way to convey the Essence of this experience. As paradoxical as it may seem, I have felt an almost irresistible desire to try to find a way to describe and share That which is indescribable.

Since the Epiphany...
I have spent the intervening months, since the epiphany, reflecting on this remarkable experience, writing, and reading everything I can find about similar experiences of transcendence and Realization. I have been both delighted, amazed and humbled to discover a profound sense of recognition in the writings and wisdom of others who have described their own experiences of Awakening and Realization.

And, I have found that my restless search for meaning has now given way to a compelling desire to share a recognition of this Awareness with others.

Sharing the Epiphany
As a result, this website is my first step in beginning to share my reflections about my experience of "Awakening into Awareness." I honestly do not know what value this sharing may hold for others. For some, the story of the epiphany, and the insights it revealed, may be meaningful and encouraging. For others, this effusion of words will undoubtedly be less relevant.

I am daring to assume, however, that among those who are searching for a larger meaning and deeper purpose in their lives, even just the hope that this type of Awakening might be possible may be justification enough for developing this website.

In the best case, my sincere and genuine hope is that this website, AIA's electronic publications, and the Insight Mentoring services will provide a vehicle for sharing the Essence of this Awareness with those who feel drawn toward the experience of Awakening into an Awareness of their own essential and fundamental nature.

Your feedback....
It is within this context that your feedback and reflections will be especially valuable. Please feel free to share your thoughts and reactions with me.

I will look forward to hearing from, and sharing with, those of you who are seeking the sense of resolution and fulfillment this Realization can provide.

With deep appreciation,
Metta Zetty

May 21, 1998

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